Where did you workout (ride, run, etc) OUTSIDE today? (2023)

Just a shade over 38 miles today on the Wisconsin Glacial Drumlin State Trail. I split the ride into two segments going opposite directions but felt great today. All my TrainerRoad work seems to be paying off - cadence, breathing and pedal stroke practice.

These same courses last year I stopped here and there to rest with high HR but today seemed steady.

Mama D’s in Wales for Hulk Smoothie and Banana/Cranberry muffin.

These flowers (Dame’s Violets) seem to be everywhere! So were the cottonwoods that looked like snow along the trail.


So finally had time to do a longer ride today and naturally i couldn’t resist and had to include a proper mountain climb :see_no_evil: . Didn’t go that well, went a bit to hard at the bottom and payed for it after about 2/3 of the climb and on the way home. I also had to choose one where the gradients were in the 15%+ percentage range for some prolonged sections and 5k over 11%… That it was my first proper climb this year and on one of the few “hot” days didn’t help the matter. Views from the Wildspitz were nice, but sadly it was a bit Hazy today so all the Alpine mountains don’t show that well.

Had to cut it a bit short so no mile century but by far the longest ride of the year.

View on the Zugersee

View from the top of the Wildspitz was worth it, on the left you can see the “Road” but it was only the last few hundred meter like that, but overal, it was a small street with a lot of bad pavement.

View of the Aegerie Lake from Morgarten.

Monument to the “schlacht of Morgarten” from the 14th century.

@mountainrunner Really nice pictures will miss them when you move to Boston, but Interested what nice places you will find there. And yeah the Wild Garlic is everywhere here (Called Bärlauch in german) and currently you can find nearly in everything if you look in Migros or Coop and a lot of Restaurants also have some items on the Menu, it also makes for a nice Pesto.


I broke a spoke during the climb. I was pedaling along and heard a “pang”…

I still pushed myself as much as I could on the way back down, just avoiding any rocks and jumps.

First race is tomorrow so I gotta replace that spoke pronto.


A friend posted this on Strava today:

time to get creative people!


That chicken is great!!! Okay, here’s my morning run today:

I also got a trail ride in:

And now a latte I made myself:


Not today, but it’s a nice 16km loop I periodically do. A buddy of mine came up with it. He has another short version w/out the long tail as well as a longer version that has legs and feet.


Did he mean to make it a bird when he planned the route? That is fantastic!

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@KickrLin thats what I’m talking about!

Sometimes you think you know more than your previous self…Don’t know why I thought I had enough water to go for 3 hours without a refill…


It Happens.

Bumper stickers should be issued :smile:


Yes… He took a month or two to come up w/the original short version (bird, no tail, no feet). He would do pieces of the route to see how it looked and then revise his plans. Then one day he finally put all the pieces together. Now that I think about it, I think there is a version w/two wings as well as one w/a fish. Took a while, but I found the finished masterpiece which comes in at ~33km


I caught a glimpse of a covered bridge so I was legally obligated to take a picture.

Great ride from Huntersville, NC up to Davidson and then Mooresville and more.


That is so amazing. WOW. What a truly impressive feat of artistry and engineering! Beautiful! Thanks for sharing it @KickrLin!


Thaaat’s Bärlauch? Oh, so nice that I’m finally learning (I can’t really write “realize” here since I was told) that now. :joy: Yes, bear leek… Bär-lauch. I get lauch at Migros (are you Migros or Coop :face_with_monocle:) It’s like figuring out the short-long dog is a Badger-Dog, aka Dachshund. I’ve seen badgers on my runs and bikes in the forest, learn badger is Dachs and then one day, out of the blue, Dachshund comes to mind and wham…

And, Wildspitz is no joke. That’s a good ride you put in. The climb from Baar to Aegeri is a grind. Would you have taken Aegeristrasse if it wasn’t closed for construction, as it has been for what seems like a couple of years now? Have you ridden up to Gübel (from the intersection w/ the fountain where you took the right toward Aegeri, you’d go straight and up, take the first right after the climb for more climbing)? You could then proceed only slightly higher, to the former anti-missile base, and then drop down toward Aegeri to get in some more paved climbing on that route. It’s a quiet road with a good view at the top. This pic is from Gübel looking down on the route described below. I came up via the gravel/dirt track of Höllgrotten ravine and will continue into another forest, entering where you’d turn to drop toward Aegeri on pavement. Lake Zug is to the right of the shot.

I haven’t been to Wildspitz in years. I should get up there before I go one last time.

This morning was an 8.5mi trail run. There was a hill.

There was dirt track. This was a short section where bikes aren’t permitted, but it rejoins the gravel path where bikes are allowed and I ride and have seen many Dachs over the years.

On that hill was cowbell.

I have video, but as I took it while running up the gravel track that is 18-20% at this point, it kicks up to 25% a little beyond (this is my local “fun” hill I do on the gravel bike), but I’m huffing and puffing so that’s a screen grab. Below is another grab from the spot I’m catching my breath to give @windwarrior cowbell. Of course, that’s the only reason I paused. It sure looks a lot flatter in the pic than IRL.

Visibility was good, better than it has been, with the far end of the lake visible, including the ancient tower at Rapperswil.



@jiffylush I could draw a head and you’ve got a butterfly on a leash (kids hand at Huntersville).

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Easy recovery spin with the kiddo!


Race Day! First race of the season.

I would have been under an hour but suffered a mechanical about 2 miles in… my bar clamp came loose… I had to stop for about 1m30s to fix that. Then after the downhill section I realized my clutch wasn’t on… 10 seconds to fix that.

Results won’t be posted until later in the week, but I felt really good about it (i.e., for sure not last place).


I did it from the other side so Aegeri was on the way back the Downhill to Baar was actually quite nice :wink: . I would reccommend doing the Wildspitz from the Aegeri side the part from Goldau to where the 2 paths meet is just brutal… Normaly I would only do the ride around lake Zug, which is a nice relatively Flat route that gives me around 130 Km, so a good long Z2 ride. But felt like I wanted to do a proper climb if the Weather is that nice.

Back on the Gravel bike and this time actually on a nice sunny day. Just an Easy ride along the River, with mostly smooth Gravel and Dirt. Really relaxing and nice, outside of the amount of Dogs out and about.


A nice long ride in a bit windy conditions. Run out of energy at the end, so must improve my energy intake on longer rides.


I got to go to Wengen with my sister for a few days in 2011. We hiked down to Lauterbrunnen one day and up to Kleine Scheidegg one day. That was 12 years ago and I still day dream about it and go back and look at pictures. I loved it so much. I hope to get back there with my wife some time.