Where did you ride OUTSIDE today (2022)

I met some mates in Elton (a village west of Peterborough, UK) and we headed off road to the Fineshade Cafe. It was a bit squirrely at time but it was the lull between the storm, so quite dry and bright. When I got back to Peterborough I thought the sound of the Mere (lock) after all that rain was quite immense.

Lol, I better go and clean my bikes when its still that lull :joy:


38 bonus minutes at the end in the dark, for some cold acclimation at 48F / 9C and twilight pics.


Back at you @WindWarrior from a little up the hill Sunday morning. Fall color is staying quite a while with no recent wind/storms.


Bay Area? If yes, can’t tell if that is Diablo or Tam.
Figured it out. Looks like EDH looking over Sacramento to the west, and a little farther off is Diablo in the Bay Area.

90 min on a cool crisp day. Been doing HIT and Strength inside so nice to get out. Won’t get too many more of these in 2022 I’m afraid.

Enjoy Thanksgiving break those of you in the USA. Those of you outside the USA, well, you get enough ban holidays as it is. Cheers!!


Bingo. West side of Serrano MTB trails near Serrano & Silva Valley Parkway in El Dorado Hills.

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The giveaway for me - I spotted Wilson Blvd on the near hill on the right!!!

Need to get out your way and do either the 4 Towers + Boulder Ridge

I’ve done that a handful of times since 2016, with and without Boulder Ridge. Route on RWGPS:

or a similar but new route posted recently by Cycle Folsom:

Any opinions?


No leaf peeping tonight, instead a little Spanglish and geography word play:

stopped around 2 hour mark and took the pic:

and the other direction:

nice and easy endurance with some after-sunset bonus miles to get home:

Theme song for last night and tonight:


Those are all pretty good roads and some short and steep hills. Saturday late morning is super busy in Folsom now though, especially with all the holiday traffic. Lots of new homes south of Hwy 50 near there.

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Snowy ride this evening. This trail is rideable only until Dec 1st, when the area closes to allow the Elk population to have the area to themselves. Then I’ll have to ride 5 mins across town to the more extensive trail system. More trails, but not the same back country feel.


Today started well with some joy watching hummingbirds at our new kitchen window feeder:

But then got hit by an avalanche of stress today, was suppose to do some intervals but the bottom fell out:

Maybe I should turn that 180 so the slight smile becomes a slight frown :thinking:

After late ride stopping at the vet to check on ailing cat & wife/daughters, I experienced a rally and return to power which led to an unexpected not-full-gas KOM:

Tried to let the stress flow out of my mind and body, by enjoying the late November scenery, Sandhill Cranes, and Mt Diablo on the horizon:

Beyond the cat, some other stuff including not great news about my mom. That big drop in power was when I couldn’t stop thinking of my dad RIP.

Holidaze. Sigh.


Some intervals to burn off the beef tenderloin instead of turkey dinner last night:

as usual, finished in the neighborhoods after sunset but tonight I was really able to keep it smooth and steady:

on the lower end of my endurance target. Not too shabby after some intervals.

Theme song:

Love me SRV and Double Trouble!!!


Gourd-geous ride this morning

These things were massive!

Beyond the pumpkins, it was a pretty standard ride with the same old views & vistas.

16.5 miles and 2100’ made for a not-flat ride in generally cool, damp forest with the temp a comfy 4-5C / around 40F).

I’ve really cut back on my saddle time to return to running and swimming as my overall available time to workout/train has diminished due to work (primarily writing a Phd), but it’s all good.


A really good social ride this morning, especially after the midway cafe where a lot of people turned up. Four of us stopped at the pub about 8 miles from home too.
You can probably see from my HR the three times I put in an effort.


Nothing special today, but high-40s and low-50s for temps so got outside for 2:20 of endurance tempo threshold work. Or as we used to call it - A bike ride.

Did not come across anything that seemed picture worthy. Just our normal amazing fields and views.



There’s no need to be corny.


Pro tip - if you get a flat next time, use a pumpkin patch.

I had a nice ride today.



I’d need an e-bike with aero bars to come close to that average speed!!