Where did you ride OUTSIDE today (2021)

Just a short recovery ride from Friday’s effort. 90mins keeping my HR in Z1, 25km or so.

Happened to bump into a friend who was one of those heli-lifted to hospital (severe head injuries) during the Ride London event a couple of years ago. Having got over that a couple of years ago he then had a cardiac arrest so now has a pacemaker/monitor fitted. He still rides but he’s been doing a lot of Zwift rides during lockdown, keen to get back outside!


Cows running full steam ahead is on of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever seen. :joy:

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20 miles, 4000 feet… in 4 hours at 5mph. This is what an endurance ride in the snow is like.

We had ~6” in the past 48 hrs. The trails I rode on are popular with skiers and snowshoers, so rideable if you wait for a few hours to allow them to get compacted.

Edit: I should clarify that my neighbor grooms the trails every few days, and without that they would be unrideable. After a fresh snow fall, it just takes a few ski or snowshoe tracks to compact the fresh powder enough to ride.

Beautiful day, but cold, so not a good day for Vitamin D despite all the sun. The aspens looked pretty however.

In the spring when we get the freeze-thaw cycle, the surface in this snowfield hardens to a crust you can ride on. It’s super grippy, a bit like riding on Moab slickrock. We’re a few weeks away from those weather conditions however.

I’m getting tired of winter though. Itching to break out some skinner tires.


I’d trade you spring for winter right now, but it would only be flattening the curve and pushing out my annual spring allergy sickness a couple months. :face_with_thermometer: Feeling “better” today and tried a field test :rofl: and it did not end well.

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2 months of allergies does not sound like fun. That’s got to really mess with training. A good time to rack up base miles I guess.

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Darwin was on the calendar for yesterday, which I planned to do in the evening but it didn’t happen (notwithstanding the morning’s pre-dawn 1hr trail escape). So, I did it today as an outdoor ride. It’s a 4x10’ but I did it as a 2x30’ by skipping past breaks and resetting the intervals as I looped around to repeat the main climb (opens with a .5mi of 8% on pavement and the rest on trail for an overall segment of 4.1mi averaging 5%).

Nearing the top of the main ascent.

I should have pointed the camera more to the right for more rolling hills and mountains… oh well. This is near the top of the main climb after turning around, which I did at the end of the second effort (I continued onward at the end of the first ascent to loop around).

Easy spin between ascents. The climb is on the ridge to the left.

Temp was 0C with a “feels like” of -3C. The main climb is a Strava segment and I dropped a full minute (even with coming to a near-complete stop due to horses coming down the trail), moving me up from 6th to 5th overall. The KOM is held by a local who is, according to Strava, 10-15 years younger and at least 30 lbs lighter than me :slight_smile: I’ll have to drop nearly 7’ of my time (32:04 → 25:19) to get the KOM. (Second place is 30:02).


This looks blooming amazing. Remind me to get some decent winter clothes for next season :dizzy_face:

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Should have had Mount Goode+3 yesterday but I was away with work and didn’t get back until 7pm so postponed it to today and pushed it outside. https://www.trainerroad.com/app/career/bobw/rides/104718590-mount-goode-3

I’ve done outside workouts before but on my MTB so no power just RPE. Today I was on my road bike (it’s been on the trainer for sixteen months and this is only it’s third trip outside in that period!) so it was a case of trying to find a route that I could fit fifteen minute efforts into without there being a big descent in each interval. We live in a hilly area so even the “flat” roads are anything but and even minor descents or down gradients affect the overall power. Really frustrating to see your average power for the interval dive with just a short 100m (distance) descent even when pedalling hard.

The second interval had an unexpected set of road works which held things up and I cut short the last interval as I’d got to the top of a hill and was about to start a longish descent so there’d be no power - going too quick! Tacked on another 90mins of endurance/tempo riding onto the end of the scheduled workout.

Pretty cold - about 2C - but at least it wasn’t raining.

Next week’s a recovery week so I’ll do those workouts outdoors as well.


I had an itch to Tame the Dragon today, so I did.

I got a bit carried away with the photos too.


Bup Labs universal mount

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No riding but probably the last skate of the season. Not the easiest 114 km I’ve done with lots of wind and surface getting soft in the last few hours.

Never mind the 40km/h, dont know where that comes from. The real number is 30 km/h max speed.


3.5 hours of Z2 with some Z4 thrown in on the hills. Steepest 20% but not super long. Like to rev the HR now and again outdoors on my longer rides. Just so I don’t forget the feel and what the pacing feels like. Very different to feel on turbo.

Rest day tomorrow so that’ll be a walk. Then on Monday my VO2 max work on turbo. Got my 6 hour Z2 scheduled for Thu.

Legs feeling super strong throughout.


55 miles of pavement today!



Put in a solid 34 miles today.


First road ride of the year. Feels odd with all the snow around, but the roads were clear, so that’s all the matters.

Fat biking will wind down over the next month. Road biking pick up to take its place. Gravel season starting in May. MTB season starting in June.


Little 2.5 hour Sunday cruise! Windy and cool out, no complaints.


Did Electra outside today, actually I skippedan interval by mistake so I did Electra twice. Annoyingly my rear mudguard bracket kept on detaching.

At one of the stops I took these pics.

I eventually figured out a way to get them to hold. I need to figure out a more permanent bodge however :roll_eyes:


There’s probably a meme in this picture somewhere with Dura Ace but a food wrapper fix … I love it!


First long outside ride of the season - the loop around Folsom Lake, aka ‘Ride the Rhino’.