Groadie as main bike

My CX bike is basically a road bike with bigger tire clearance. The previous owner actually used it for CX and it came to me with an extra set of wheels and crankset. I got rotors and converted the 10sp freehub to 11sd and put some 25C road tires with all the intention of swapping but they never came off the hooks in the garage but it could easily be the “one”

Your comment about frame not meaning much has been my experience too (at my level!). I had a Topstone AL 105 and Canyon Endurace CF SL 7.0. The fit was pretty close on both, and the speeds were the same when using 28mm GP5000 TL. I have a 27 mile (each way) commute that I try to do at least 1x weekly during spring/summer and my PB was on the Topstone.


I’m far from a racer, but I’m so glad I traded a road bike for a gravel bike (Diverge). I don’t feel like I lost anything, but definitely gained comfort and opened up opportunities for new routes and events. I don’t even swap out wheels/tires right now although I’d love to upgrade wheelset. The pathfinder pro tires honestly feel like a road tire on pavement.

There are sweet gravel bikes out there that claim to be fully capable on road. 3T exploro seems awesome.


I have a custom Ti road bike that I absolutely love (can be seen on the Ti thread) that I rarely ride these days.

Instead, I ride my Salsa Warbird probably 95% of the time, including spicy paced road rides. In fact, I do these rides on 650x47 gravel tires and don’t even bother putting the road wheels on anymore. The 650’s are just so darn comfy. I’ve even got a bell on the handlebars and it’s kinda fun to ride through the group on a climb and ring the bell as I pass folks. I even leave the bike packing half frame bag, top tube bag and a small seat pack.

One caveat though. There’s one group ride around here that even on my best day it’s tough to hang on. When I go to that ride I’ll take my road bike. Primarily because it’s got better gearing (50/34) compared to the gravel bike (46/30). I find that without that 50 tooth chain ring it’s tough to stick with the accelerations at of corners and I seriously risk getting popped.


I run a cheap set of Alex rims with gp5000 for group rides. On gravel I run a set of bontragers pro3V 25id and tubeless.

A couple of thoughts to consider, @RecoveryRide, after reading the good points already made:

OpenUp, according to its designer, is an off-road setup that does road.

3T Exploro, according to its designer (the same as above), is a road bike that does off-road.

Experiences differ, but my personal take is the OpenUP was a bit sluggish on the road compared to a road bike. Now, I only did a couple of test rides when I was looking for a gravel bike and used one for a Mauna Kea attempt (ie I was on one for many hours on tarmac with 700c wheels). Owning a 3T Exploro since Nov 2018 and putting nearly 4k miles on it just in 2020, it’s a good road bike that didn’t have the sluggish feeling I got from the Open and the Exploro is great on gravel (mountains here in eastern Switzerland, Dolomites, mtb tracks that don’t require serious suspension, etc… a not-aggressive trail ride from yesterday).

A gravel (not CX) geometry, like the Exploro, is likely to be similar to an endurance geometry in the road bike category. If you’re good with that slacker geometry, it’ll very likely work for you. YMMV, of course.

FWIW, as noted above, I’ve been very happy with my Exploro on the road, but if I’m going for a road ride, I’ll take my road bike for a) gearing (my Exploro is 1x) and b) geometry. But then again, due to the trails I ride, I only ride with 47 tubeless tires (usually WTB Ventures), with Byways (smooth center line for more road / speed) and Senderos (chunky for snow, though they didn’t work great this winter) as the alternatives.


I’ve also got a Diverge - what’s your rationale for changing the wheel set? Weight? Mine is the axis sport wheels which are ~2000g I believe. The wheel set weight could probably be decreased by ~500 for a ballpark $500 alloy set but frankly I don’t see it as a game changer?

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Hey there, I have an Ibis Hakka and the two wheelsets for my setup. I use 30mm slicks on the road for riding, training, randoneeuring and fondo type rides then a slighter wider wheelset with 42mm knobbier tires for gravel and easy singletrek. I couldnt be happier, I think it comes down to what your doing and goals are. There is no crit or road racing by me even if I wanted to try so thats not a factor. Also just a tip, I really wanted to make a 1x work when I was building it up but went with the 2x and think it was the right call if your mainly using it on the road. I use sram’s 46-33, 10-36 12 speed and for me its perfect. When gravel riding or taking it on easier single trek I love having a couple gears smaller than the 1-1 ratio and a 46-10 I only spin out if im going 40ish on a decent on the road.

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Does anybody of you have a powermeter on your Groadies? i have a GRX crankset and am thinking about a PM. Which one would make sense?

Lots more discussion here:

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I am running a Quarq d-four on both of my Groadies. Also one is 2x with Dura Ace rings and ultergra derailleur so I could run 50/34 and get that 1:1 ratio and the other bike is 1x. Since both bikes are running GRX I wanted to keep Shimano rings is the reason for using Quarq.

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That would be the groupset of choice, absolutely, with Ekar a close second I think.

I just swap my Powertap P1S between my bikes and thats it. I’m not riding “technical grave” (if this exists) so no problem with the road type pedal on gravel…except that my road shoes get dirty haha

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A few reasons (or excuses) I guess. Weight is a big one. I also work in the composites industry, so I just like carbon stuff. Then the other benefits of having a second set for the rollers/trainer, not having to change tires out, and being able to go tubeless.

I definitely don’t need them. I just like new shiny things and wheels is on my list.


I got a screaming deal on a Red Quarq crankset last year and it has been great…but for GRX specific options, see thread below.

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Has anyone considered a Specialized Roubaix as a “one bike to rule them all”? I thought about it but ended up with a Diverge as I ride mostly gravel (farm roads that get destroyed by rain or trucks) and no road races in my area. However I’m moving countries and most likely the Diverge won’t fit in the suitcase. I’m inclined to get a Roubaix in the new location as I want to be racing crits again (starting as cat5) and would still like to do mixed gravel and road rides. I really like the future shock with the lockout option. Other options would be the Trek Domane (kinda heavy but more tire clearance) or Cervelo Caledonia (no personal experience with this brand) .

Gotcha! Can definitely relate to that and I don’t even work in a related industry :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

What wheels did you get for your Diverge?

I’m having a cervelo aspero built up that will spend most of its time in a road guise.
Zipp 303 firecrest wheels with Schwalbe pro-one 28mm tyres, 11-30 cassette, grx di2 rear derailleur, chainset is a 48/31 power2max NGEco, Ultegra di2 front derailleur, grx di2 shifters and an enve ses aero road handlbar (42mm at the drops - I just love the shape of this bar).
A second wheel set (650b parcours alta carbon) with gravel tyres will help the bike do double duty. Just having to wait until mid April for the frame to arrive.


Sounds awesome!

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I believe they are axis sport. I got the 2019 carbon tiagra. I absolutely love it.

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