Where can i find the efficiency drills exercises?

Hey everyone,

I want to incorporate efficiency drills into my training but can’t seem to find them. Where are they? :slight_smile:



Hi Wim, it depends on what kind of efficient drills you’re looking for. Quite a few sweet spot workouts have kick and pull instructions - Geiger for example. Ericsson has leg speed drills (aiming for high cadence work), Tunnabora has variable cadence work in short segments. Baxter, Homer’s Nose and West Vidette are endurance rides with variable cadence practice. If you want low cadence/climbing drills, Look to Mont Gosford and Mont Albert.

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Thanks for the answer, i thought there were specialized short drills to train for example only the left leg, train push and pull etc.

Maybe they don’t exist as separate trainings?

There aren’t workouts only for that kind of training, but every workout has drills to improve form.

Clear, thanks!!

Open the “Workouts” page on the web. Then search on key words like “isolated” to find workouts with that word in the description text.

Review some existing workouts to lear the “proper terms” or your searches will not work well.

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Got it!

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