When will we see a new Specialized Epic HT?

The current gen Epic HT has been on the market since August 2019. The bike has definitely skipped the most recent price spec adjustments and is officially called 2020 Specialized Epic Hardtail on their own website.

Despite me knowing nothing about MTBs and their usual release schedule, 3 years and no recent updates sounds like something should happen. Especially with the „new Denk design“ having found its way to road and Cyclocross over the past two years.
The current Epic and Epic Evo Fullys were released June of 2020.
Do you have any information or rumors?
I have seen rumors floating around of the rear end getting some sort of minor suspension to increase traction.

I work for Specialized, and I can tell you that getting the 2020 model Epic HT is impossible (and we get priority too), I don’t have anything concrete, but my guess would be that they’re waiting to try and catch up with demand for all bikes before the release a bike like the Epic HT with a smaller market share as those bikes tend to have. At the soonest, I don’t see them releasing till at least MTB Worlds, probably later.

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Maybe Alex Wild is teasing a new hardtail Epic??


Would be awesome. My guess is he has all the current models already, right?

hmm… interesting, my gut says new fs Epic though… HTs are dying sadly, and I don’t see Specialized trying to revive a (sadly) dying horse.


I love my 2020 Epic hardtail…not sure what they could do to make it better.


I totally get you and I love mine too!

But everyone has said that forever and bikes just keep getting better!

Alex Wild’s Instagram seemed to suggest he completed the Tahoe 100 on a new bike from Specialized. Zoomed in it looks like a new Epic full sus?


His comment underneath says “not a new platform, just a special bike”.

Maybe custom colour for his sponsors?

They rolled out a full redesign of the Epic FS last year. I can’t imaging another one. The HT is damn near perfect so I don’t see the point.

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The Epic and Epic evo came out in 2020.
The Hardtail ks old though, 2018, and they you can’t find them anywhere.