Fake s-works epic HT?


I am looking for a beach racing bike (popular in the netherlands) and came across this second hand bike below. It seems to be the Sagan 2016 world champs colorway but on a what looks like s-works epic frame. As far as I know this doesn’t exist. Could this be a fake, or does someone know if this has actually been released.

Thanks in advance.

A quick look at the Specialized “Archive” page and filtering on Carbon Epic HT suggests that the frame you’ve posted is not made by Specialized - the Epic HT has always (or at least since 2017) had the right-hand entry port for internal routing towards the front of the headtube, not behind it.

It’s probably direct from Aliexpress, where you can get pretty much whatever you like painted on any old frame.

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Ask for the serial number. If they can’t provide it or give a shady reason for not providing it, you have your answer

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One look at the HTA on that bike tells me something is suspicious. Jeebus, that is steep.

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What’s wrong with that seat tube, is it photoshopped?

Think someone just gave their frame a fancy paintjob.

The seatpost -the saddle clamp is the same my super cheap no-name seatposts have. No idea what Spesh use, but I’d have expected something a bit neater.

And I not 100% on this, but it looks a bit like there’s a grip-shift shifter on the bars. Pretty odd choice for a supposedly high-end frame?

It’s the Netherlands, that’s the minimum height there.

That’s not what I meant, take a look at bottom of seat tube, something not quite right in that image.

The bend? A real Epic frame has that. The entry port for internal routing is behind the headtube on a 2017 alloy (but not carbon) Epic HT. Could be a real Epic HT frame, could be a copy.