When to wash your bibs/workout clothes

At least shower with the bib…
It is fairly common for bikepacking people to use it for a week or so on trips but they normally shower or rinse it on the sink after each day.

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I have three sets of cheap bib shorts for my three workouts a week I usually hang them up to dry out before using two of them again if I don’t go out for a ride with good bibs/ longs. On Sunday after the last ride/ workout I throw it all in the wash. It’s a rest day Monday and dries by the Tuesday workout, when it all begins again.

Years ago, I reused a pair of bibs after riding once.

And boy did I pay for it. The epic saddle sores showed up a few days later. OWWWWWWWWWWW

Now they get washed after every use. Period. No questions asked. Even its a 30 minute easy spin.

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A hand wash after every workout. A deeper washing machine wash every weekend along with my outdoor kit. Note that I only do this to my indoor bibs and sweat guards, I do my indoor training shirtless.