When does 2020 start for you?

I’m still in off season mode for a few more days after my long CX season. 2020 officially starts for me next Monday, Jan 6th, and my first big goal (assuming the wife buys into it) is in late April. I’m sure that some started 2020 back in October/November.

When did you start and when is your first goal?


Well, not to sound cliche but it started in October for me. I wanted to tune up good bad fitness for some early season results starting in Jan. Hoping to stay sharp for a couple months and do it again with a later season peak and run at some contested road races and some longer XC MTB events

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Technically, mine started the first week of November. But after some family situations that arose, it was more like a few weeks ago. My earliest races are mid-April and my A events on May 2nd and June 27th

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Last November

Last November when SSB was timed to coincide with my new Tacx trainer.

No CX season for me so kicked things off early

Started a round of SSB 1 + 2 MV , Sustained Power Build, and then i start my Triathlon plans in Feb

Well 3rd week of March is my first TT in the UK - will dust down the tt bike - gives me 6 weeks until the Leo 30 in the 2nd week of May which is my first A race. I’ve got about 5 C race open tt’s and a couple of club events to remember how to ride the thing …….especially as I changed my tt bar position to having very narrow elbows last September and only rode it in one 10mile tt due to crap weather and race cancellations ….I’ve only got until 4th week of May to get used to it for the ECCA 50 mile champs…is there an emoji for sore shoulders! :grinning:

December first was supposed to be the start of my DK200 (lottery) training plan. Heart surgery on Nov 29 delayed that a few weeks. I’ve been back on the bike and training since the week before Christmas. Did 3x6 and 1x20 SS blocks tonight and felt good!

My season break is around August to be honest. ~2 weeks. Everything else is “on” season.

I’ve been in a similar situation with wanting to take some time off since CX ended, but I’d also planned to do some marathon mountain bike events and then there’s gravel coming up too. All told, I’ve taken a week off as of today. I’d already been doing some long rides on the weekends so I feel like I’m in good shape for the first 6 hour race in one week. I’ll get back into the swing of regular training this weekend.