When all the training is done…

Honestly with my audiobook playing, Buff over my eyes, and having ridden 355k during the day, I slept pretty easily on my warmup event so I am not too worried about it… I was probably the one snoring!

Just make sure they are not playing in the dorm as that’ll be pretty annoying to the riders in the adjacent beds. Sound leaks from headphones no matter what you think.

I have it in headphones at a low volume, the headphones are special flat profile ones for sleeping in. There’s not much leakage if any at the volumes I am listening at, my wife says she can’t hear it at all (and she sleeps a lot closer). I basically use it as white noise.

Thanks for all the suggestions. The event was over weekend. Finished first in my age category and I hit all time records on power across the curve so I am really delighted!

Have ‘On Top of Your Game’ ordered & looking forward to reading it.

Thanks again

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