Wheels for a heavyweight?

I currently weigh 114kg and looking more robust wheels than my stock ones. I’ve come across a few and just wondering has anyone had experience of using any of these wheels? My budget is around £500 and I enjoy longer rides and climbing.

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Mavic Kysiriums all day long. I used as set for 40000km of riding … yes… I had a noise from the wheels… still used them for a month then started trying to find the noise … i pushed the rim it flexed at a crack about 2 inches in long… okay new wheels… i have a set still little use but look great areo on my Turbo front … rear Smart trainer no need for rear they are only 9/10speed shimano … Wheels will drive you crazy…

I had looked at them too and they do seem to hold up well. I did hear Mavic have went into receivership last month which isn’t a good sign


I have used the Hunt Superdura wheels, rim brake set for a year with no problems, at the time I weighed 105kg and ride in the Peak District.

I also rode some Strada Deluxe Big Fella Wheels, these are hand built with DT Swiss rims and hub, these where also excellent wheels and stiffer than the Hunt wheels. I would recommend these wheels. You can call the guys at Strada and discuss your specific requirements, not bad for a wheel set of around £500-£600.


Hope this helps


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Thanks. I’ve sent them a message on FB and will find them a ring tomorrow I think. Seem the better choice

I’d get these for a few reasons -

  1. Much nicer and quieter hubs than the others
  2. They exist. No waiting.

Other options

If you want to go over budget, these have a black braking surface https://www.bike-discount.de/en/buy/dt-swiss-pr-1400-dicut-oxic-clincher-32mm-wheelset-773391

These can be found sub-$500 and be aero-er https://www.trekbikes.com/us/en_US/equipment/cycling-components/bike-wheels/road-bike-wheels/bontrager-aeolus-comp-5-tlr-road-wheel/p/21803/?colorCode=black_grey

If you aren’t riding down mountains and can wait a month, these would be a good purchase - https://www.lightbicycle.com/U-shape-45mm-depth-Hand-built-700C-carbon-25mm-wide-clincher-road-bicycle-wheels-for-tubeless-compatible.html

You could look at a custom set off Light Bicycles. https://www.lightbicycle.com/custom-road-wheels.html

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If the purchase isn’t time sensitive, I would consider contacting Wheelsmith

I had a set of wheels built up for me almost seven years ago and they have been faultless. They’ve been on my winter bike for the past two years and they just won’t give up :joy:

Had a set built by John and his guys at Just Riding Along who are based in York. They’ve been bombproof now for around three years with no adjustment needed and I was your size when I got them.
Think any set of handbuilts will be better that factory as they can factor in you and the way you ride.

Give them a call - they get great reviews. :grin:


I’m sure those are great…all the bits look good and the attention to detail is likely there.

FYI - those look like he’s sourcing rim (or whole build) from BTLOS (or similar) - https://btlos.com/cx-gravel/40mm-depth-gravel-cx-disc-carbon-wheels The hubs are Bitex BX305R (maybe)
My point is that there’s no such thing as a small carbon (or aluminum even) wheel company and to make sure the end-product is price well.

They are great - and FYI I can confirm that they are indeed put together by hand by the guys there - my riding buddy knows the owner. That said though there were no “mates rates” but the set I’ve had have lasted and are still going strong so I’m happy with them.

If I had to make the decision again I’d go with better hubs though that’ll only happen when this set fall apart :slight_smile:

Agree with your points but there are quite a few artisan wheel builders buying in different parts and lacing them together for peeps like us.

Thinking about the original question there are also these https://www.kinesisbikes.co.uk/Catalogue/Wheels/Cyclocross/archive/CX-DISC-HD-v2
however I am sure the OP has sorted these now.