Wheels choice: 55 tubular vs 40 tubeless

I’d like to change the wheel set that came with my bike (hollowgram 35 on a supersix evo).
The choice is between the vision metron 40 sl and the 55. I’am an allrounder and usually I ride on hills with fast segments, not crazy mountains.
These wuold be my only set and i’ve never tried an high profile. What do you suggest?
In case I’d go for the 55, would it make sense to go for the tubolar version and shave some weight?

When you say “tubular” are you referring to “sew-up” or glue on tires or regular tires with inner tubes?

Because if you mean real sew-up/glue on tubulars, then the answer is tubeless. If you mean inner tube tires, I’d go with the deeper dish and make the tubeless vs. inner tube decision independent of weight.

Unless you like worrying

I have a similar conundrum. I have tubeless on my MTB and I suck at timely maintenance with the goo in my wheels (unless a key event/adventure away from regular trails). Tubular wheels + stans + modern tape sounds compelling for the weight savings and convenience) I can’t recall my last flat on my road clinchers (what have I just done! I’ll flat this week) so can’t see why going tubular would cause greater stress about flats. Most outdoor riding is spirited group rides or the weekly club race. I’m looking at the Cadence wheel range.

I would say it depends on what you will be using the wheels for. I have just swapped 45mm tubulars for 60mm tubeless recently. The tubular wheels were approx 1lb lighter than the new tubeless wheels but I always felt like it was a risk doing very long rides on them (150 mile +) having said that I never once had a puncture on tubular tyres but I always bought top end tubs (Dugast for preference) and stripped the old tubs off and mounted new tyres for the following season.

On my new wheels the tubeless GP5000 TL’s are about 5W faster than the tubs on CRR, have much smoother profile with the wheel rims and repair/replacement at the roadside if needed will result in a ‘good as new’ situation rather than riding a lightly stuck tyre on the tubular

If you do go tubular I would reccomend using proper vittoria mastik to mount them as I found the tape to stick so aggresively to the rim that damage when removing it was a very real possibility.

I will probably get another set of tubular wheels but probably a set of shallow wheels for use in the alps. Having had a high speed rock impact on my carbon tubulars descending I am confident that it would have gone very differently with a clincher front wheel :confounded:

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