Wheels - Buy Set vs Source Seperate Parts

I’ve been considering new wheels for a while and I’ve finally narrowed it down to LB’s WR65. The question is, do I buy the entire wheelset from them (DT 240 hub, Sapim CX Ray spokes) or would I be better off to buy the rims from LB but source my own hubs and spokes from other sites (Such has Hope RS4 hubs from CRC) and have my LBS build them up?

I would think it would be cheaper and faster to have LB do everything vs ordering stuff from them and someone else and then waiting 2-3 weeks for the LBS to do it, if they even have a competent wheel builder.

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I’ve built a few sets of my own wheels in the past. The only time i’ve ever found it financially beneficial is if I already had a set of hubs to build from or I could not find the spoke/hub combination I wanted in a pre-made package. Most of the wheel builders / manufacturers get good enough pricing on parts that you can’t piece a set together and beat them.
On the other hand there is something satisfying about builing your own wheels.