Wheel upgrade or just a side step?

Currently running a pair v similar to these Kinetic One wheels but a bit lower spec hubs/spokes and come about around 1650g before tyres/tubes. I’m really drawn to a pair of Campag Bullet 50 so a 17mm deeper rim depth and circa 150g more weight.

I’m in a pretty hilly part of the world but not long climbs plenty of short steep ones. Below is the time spent at various grades for a late-season club run (Strava). I want alloy brake track since I know my braking skill and brave is less and the SW of England can rain on pretty much any day of the year!

I’m not going to lie part of the reason is they look damn fine but I’m trying to justify the performance gain if there is even one? What say the more experienced and more knowledgable folk? I think it would be worth it since the majority of my climbs are shorter bursts.

A 50mm rim will be a little bit more aero than a 33 but the biggest knock against an older rim like the Bullet is that it is only a 15C rim. That is very narrow by today’s standards. For example, Campagnolo Boras are 17C and their new WTO rims are 19C.

With a 15mm internal width rim, you’ll really be limited to 23mm tires. Anything wider won’t handle very well because of too much tire bulge. Personally, I’d stay away from older tech narrow rims.

The wheels that you linked to are 19mm internal width.

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Ah cool, in which case I’ll await lockdown ending and see what my local wheel builder can do.

It’s the carbon/alloy that limits me. Only others I’ve seen are eBay China specials: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/273649063675

Hi. Interested to know what software/app you produced that graph with the time spent at different % grades?

Elevate chrome plugin. I’d had it for ages but another thread pointed this feature out.

:+1: I’ll look into it!

Feeling great makes you go faster. That is how I convinced myself to buy a pair of ffwd wheels :stuck_out_tongue:

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HED Jet 5 or 6 wheels will solve your problems nicely. Relatively affordable (especially when you can find them on sale), aerodynamically great and not too heavy.

Just saw the HED Jet 6 recently for less than $1000…just can”t remember what site it was.

Competitive Cyclist has HED Jet 6 for under $1000 right now. They are back ordered a few weeks though.