What's going on with Wahoo production?

I’m sure covid is to blame for most of it, along with increased demand from people wanting to exercise inside at home…trade war tariffs as well.

Does anyone have any insight into actual ETA’s for their trainers and when they’ll be shipping and meeting orders again? Will they be doing any black friday deals if they can’t even keep stuff in stock at a normal price? Will any retailers (ie. REI) have priority for the stuff they can stock?

I’ve had a kickr core on order for almost two months and no word. Rep’s don’t have any concrete updates to offer.

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Unlikely you’ll find any deals and lucky to even get one. Tariff is not the issue, it’s demand, a factory in Wuhan and general shortage. Buy H3, made in US.

Sigma sport (uk) had stock last week and they’re saying 4-5 days for new stock.

I was looking as my flux is problematic…

I recently warranty replaced my two year old kickr core and the replacement arrived three days after I mailed the original back to them

Just order a core from Evans cycles

They claim to have stock

There’s stock around but the demand is huge and everything is back ordered. So my experience anyway. For many shops securing units is usually going to have to wait 1 to several months atm. Not so bad for Warranty replacement, they should have units reserved for that.

Not just trainers but head units as well. I put a claim in for the button covers falling off my bolt 2.5 months ago. They told me at that time to hold onto it as it functioned fine because it would be 4-6 weeks before they could replace it as there were no units available. They let me know when new ones were in and I shipped it back.

I had a similar issue. Unfortunately, my computer was not functional, so I had to go ahead and send it in, and then sit around for about 3 weeks without my Bolt on a warranty claim.

I had the button issue on my Bolt back in August. Unfortunately it was out of warranty but they offered me a 40% discount on any new computer so I immediately bought a Roam. I still have the Bolt but bought a silicon cover for it off Amazon.