What would you do with an extra hour?

What should I do with my free hour at work? We have a full gym with weights and treadmills at work and a running track. What’s the best use of my hour?(lift,core,run,hit, stretch, etc?)

Currently I have been running Monday Wednesday and Friday. Then lifting Tuesday and Thursday. But now take a full rest Monday and lift tues and thru and run the wed and Friday

About me I’m 6 foot 35yrs old 180lbs and ftp is 255. In the last 10 months I’m down 110 pounds from 290lbs and ftp is up from like 150 lol. I’m currently in sshv

Please let me know what u think make me the best cyclist


Whatever it is that you’re doing, I’d keep at it man. It’s working :metal:


bump for any ideas

Great job so far!

Not sure about you but it’s usually tough for a lot of us to train due to other commitments, what’s your situation like? Could you use that hour to train in the day freeing up time for other non bike related stuff in the evening? Knowing you’ve got your training done early is a great feeling.



guess i should have added that. i train 1st think in the morning…either doing the traineroad outside workout on the commute to work or on the trainer if weather is bad, then ill do a recovery ride or the 2nd part of the workout on t way home. the longer workouts i just split into 2 and do 1/2 on the way to work and the other on the way home.

If you’re on HV, I’d relax. Put your feet up, nap, or just relax. It sounds like you work pretty hard the rest of the time, so focus on recovery.

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Congrats! That is a major accomplishment! Getting rid of > 1/3 your body weight in 10 months - that’s actually both a lot and very fast! About 20 years ago, I lost 1/4 in 2 years (195 → 145). The biggest challenge I found is physiologically and psychologically making this the new norm. I’d suggest congratulating yourself and continuing to do what you are already doing before taking on any new major change that you can’t sustain. Again, congrats!

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