What workouts would you pick in this situation?

I’m 46 and have nicely conditioned aerobic fitness (I ride a lot and have done for my whole life, have raced for over a decade), also have been doing some high intensity training sessions recently plus a few mtb races. Form isn’t bad right now.
Looking forward to the upcoming cx season and as a bit of a boost am thinking of doing 6 weeks of TR to sharpen me up.
I’ll maintain the following though as they are invaluable real life training sessions:

Wed night; 2hr crit training- coached session in a group on a proper circuit. Very hard session.

Thurs night; 2hr cx training session; the focus here is more on riding technical features, but includes quite a lot of short sprint efforts out of corners etc.

One of the weekend days it’s nice to get out and ride for around 4hrs. Can be a structured session though.

So could you inspire me with ideas for how TR could help me? What would you recommend I tried?

The weeks 2 through 7 of Short Power Build. Choose the low volume version for maximum flexibility.

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Thanks, that’s just the sort of advice I was after.