What workout was Jonathan referencing? "Billat"

@ 32:35 of latest podcast, Johnaton talks about a high intensity wk out called “Billat” (sp??). Anyways, I cannot find it anywhere in the “workout’s” even when filtering for Threshold/Vo2/Anero/Sprints.

Any help is appreciated given I am trainingf or CX

I’m pretty sure Billat Intervals just means VO2 30/30s. I could be wrong though.

Mitchell and whiteface are examples. Look at short power build or crit speciality plans

It’s not a workout name, it’s the name of a scientist who has published extensively on training.

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Her main research area has been VO2 kinetics for 20+ years.

As has been said, her name is usually brought up with reference to 30-30s (which are much better for increasing VO2 in running or speed skating than they are in cycling).

The more cycling-applicable program that she used for another, earlier study is to do a 6-minute all out time trial, then use that 6min test pace as your target for 3min intervals. Do 6 x 3 like that (3min rest between intervals) once a week. The subjects then did a 2 x 20 at their marathon pace (this was done with runners) on the other hard day. Everything else was easy endurance running.

The subjects got pretty fast over the course of the study, and continued to do well on her six-month follow up.

If you do enough digging you can find the study and the follow up.


Just adding to the info above, using the “VO2 Max” and “Float Sets” filters can help find similar workouts beyond the two main ones mentioned above. There are LOTS to choose from to meet a range of abilities, well below the really tough ones (like Mitchell and Whiteface).