What workout did you do today? (2024)

Swim: Base

Swim workout this morning. I’m not training for a triathlon (knees don’t like running any more) but I use the swim workouts in the TR Triathlon plans to give me some structure. Had vo2max (100s) and speed (25s) scheduled for this morning but opted for base instead. Wrist-based HR was working quite well and I found it interesting to see where HR started to decouple around the 1:00 mark. Checks with RPE increasing and having to work harder to maintain form. (The long break right after is some kick board time.)


2 sets 3x 3 min vo2max

These vo2 sets were sandwiched in between an hour of endurance riding. I normally struggle with longer vo2 intervals but the first set of three went surprisingly well. Legs were a little cooked from cumulative fatigue and I took a brief back pedal during the first interval of the second set and dialed the other two back by 5% to put them at the lower range.

The last hour was a bit of a struggle - I normally only listen to podcasts while riding inside but had to watch Luke rescue Han from carbonite and then the final attack on the Death Star’s main reactor to distract myself. Overall quite pleased with this and that I don’t feel totally wiped.


Five hours at 300 W plus on rough gravel roads, now it feels like I have a hangover. I don’t know if it was a optimal or beneficial workout, but sometimes it is good to push the limits :smile:


The weather got annoying last week & I was itching to do some work because I thought I should. Then I realised I’ve been going hard on the structure for about a year without any meaningful break, so I thought it was time to just have some fun, doing structure only when it fits & when I feel like it. So let’s call these “maintenance.”

After successfully fitting in 5-minute supra-threshold intervals in between the locked gates at each end of the forestry road two weeks ago, I thought I’d try some 6-minute sweetspot intervals. Picked Monitor +5. The wind today was WSW which evened out the speeds. (Normally the winds are southerly which means northbound passes are shorter.) Success! Also, when the rests are under about 3 minutes for long interval workouts I typically end up drowning in fatigue. But this time it felt much more doable. Almost comfortably so. :smiling_face:

Phone in the top tube bag again, decided to estimate targets as block intervals rather than try to follow the sloping targets watt-for-watt: first four at 94%, next two at 91%, remaining five at 92%. It’s really surprising how much easier 91% is than 94%, despite that they’re so close on paper.

Naturally, the map looks pretty much identical to the other week’s effort:



Failed. I’m somewhat new and doing the Masters Low Volume Build.

A little discouraging, but I think there is a quirk in the software that made it throw a challenge at me that was too much of a stretch. This is becoming a pattern, with the treshold (Sweetspot, Over/Under) workouts, so I am considering overriding the automated choices with something I can do for an hour plus.

I’m trying to be patient because I feel as though I do fine on competitive group rides.


Maybe in future you use the ‘Alternates’ function sometimes to select an 'Achievable work out or a ‘Productive’ one that doesn’t step up as much in PL.


Definitely consider getting in touch with tech support, I’m pretty sure TR doesn’t want its subscribers getting dispirited by the frequent failing of workouts selected by TR.

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Still not on a plan… might start something next week, & I wanted to test my legs with the familiar 3×20’ format to see whether or how much my fitness had dropped during my month of riding just how I felt. I got off the ferry this morning & drove straight to the undulating velodrome here to give Galena a go.

Felt manageable actually, if you ignore that power was a bit around the target. (Again blaming the undulations. :laughing:) Only 23% spent in SS, but adding in the 25% spent in threshold makes the numbers look better. I’ve probably dropped some fitness; the first workout after a duration of recovery probably shouldn’t’ve feel that hard. I guess I’ll find out in a couple of days when I try a threshold workout on my street so I can start reclaiming local legends wreaths. :laughing:


2 series sweet spot with accelerations

RPE was pretty high during the first set. Fought through an extra set … jury is still out on whether that was a good idea or not. Second night in a row of poor sleep. Hoping to catch up tonight, but that was the plan last night, too, but life happened. :man_shrugging:


First WO in a couple of weeks; 2 weeks ago I had a bad reaction to the new CT scan dye and rested, and last week was a recovery week and I rode outdoors. Given that as expected the plan adapted down to a low level VO2 max session, Sleeping Beauty -4 (PL=1.5). On Sunday it was great weather so I popped a ton (easy round here it’s pretty flat) so it made Monday yellow. But going for a 3mile walk on Monday made today yellow too and the plan wanted to adapt down to Recess -1 (a level 1, 30min recovery ride). Given the VO2 max wo was low level though I rejected it. I didn’t quite push into the VO2 max oxygen zone and could have done with another interval or two to push into it, so I think I did the right thing rejecting the recovery ride.


I’ve never seen TR import a walk. How did it know about the extra activity? Did you insert a manual activity?

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They dont officially go into TT, I record walks as runs as a workout around.


Yesterday was first day of our local crit which attracts some pretty big hitters ( in the past guys like silvan dillier and Mauro Schmid rode the A race) .

Did the B race which is 25 minutes and 3 laps. Made the mistake of relying on someone to close gap in the first 2 laps and when I reacted it was to late and couldn’t close it. Not surprised since I did no anerpbic work and It is not my strength. After getting lapped I was able to stay in the pack. One of the women will be on the track at the Olympics and was super strong… had fun :blush:

Afterwards I rode for a bit wanted to threshold my local hills but after the first the road was closed because of an accident and I didn’t want to do hill repeats. So I just rode a flat route.


TLDR: Success on the threshold O/U front.

It’s almost a month since I did threshold work (Tweed +9 on April 29) so I was taking things conservatively today. Had my eye on Warlow which is 5×9’/6’ but I loaded up the -1 which is essentially one less 9’ interval, with a view to reviewing how I felt after the four intervals & maybe doing a fifth. Still felt good (relatively!) so I went for it. Got through it all feeling not too hammered :partying_face: so I know where to go from now. I only get the points for the -1 but that’s alright, the work is done & that’s what counts. I’ll get the points next week when I extend from there.

Then went for another 1h45’-ish endurance ride up to Granton & back. Targeted ~70%, averaged 71% for the 1½h work period with some freewheeling/stops at road crossings, VI 1.02. Associated with Perkins -2.


Sweet spot tempo

That was brutal. Workout called for four hours of endurance with 2.x20 tempo in the middle, which I bumped up to sweet spot.

Weather looked like it was going to rain so I opted to ride on the trainer. We have family visiting for the week so I closed my closet door so as to not disturb them. Even with my Lasko on the highest setting it got up to mid-70s F and 80% relative humidity. :hot_face:

I also didn’t fuel correctly. I ended up taking in one bottle of carbs and a rice cake over the first two hours, plus some additional water. I should have taken at least two bottles and maybe a gel before the sweet spot intervals (same carb load, just faster absorption), and saved the rice cake for after. I was cooked by the three-hour mark, slogged my way to the top of the Alpe, and spun at 40% downhill to the jungle waterfall to at least get a metric century out of it.

Oh, and it was sunny when I got off the trainer. Looks like the rain petered out over the Appalachians and never made it here. Oh well.