What workout did you do today? (2024)

The week so far:

The weather’s been nice… I’m hoping I can actually get outside this weekend.


I have a cross country race next weekend and in a month I’m doing the Sea Otter circuit race.

Here’s my workout from today, which was very hard:

And last weekend (I was pretty jazzed and this one didn’t feel too hard):

But what I get for finishing Cache is now on Sunday I’m supposed to do Hall, where those longer blocks are at 323w :face_vomiting:


New FTP following a bump in fitness that I could feel and a long-form test. Naturally, I’m now doing a threshold block to drag that out towards a TTE of an hour. Kicked things off today with 3 × 12 at 3 watts below the new number and happy with how it went, particularly with nailing the power targets on Zwift’s lumpy New York map.


I did nothing today, because I did a café ride yesterday. The café is 206 km away.


After a bad stomach reaction to something on Monday night I just cycle commuted on Tuesday and skipped my workout on Tuesday so tonight was my first workout of the week, Red Slate -4. I rode it a bit conservatively and never dug deep it shows in the last block where the threshold intervals were actually tempo on average. Importantly over 2hours later and after tea there’s been no stomach reaction tonight.


Between family visiting and bad weather, no chance to go outside this weekend.

Also, the last endurance set there at the end was painful; I was so ready to get off the bike after the cooldown.


A level 4.4 SS workout was in my calendar tonight. It wasn’t the steadiest of cadences but at that level I seemed to be able to up the rpm when I wanted without overheating despite the pain hall being 20deg C, so overall I’m quite satisfied with it.


From yesterday:

First VO2 workout in a long time.


Did 2x30m Threshold yesterday, didn’t feel to good bad sleep the night before and it was a real struggle especially in the second interval, only time I felt good was from 15-22minutes on the second one, the last 5 Minutes were brutal… Starting to feel the fatigue from this threshold block, happy to have a rest week coming up.


A proper sweatfest tonight during and after Ritter -4 (45 threshold/ 15 VO2 Max session). I says Threshold/VO2 Max but a lot of the sprints were more like anaerobic and after the first 15min block I had emptied the tank (dipping into the -ve W’ for the sprints at the end). This showed in the next block, when I just about kept it threshold and in the last block when I slipped into high tempo. I still kept the the TT sprints at VO2max/Anaerobic though and totally emptied the tank for the last one, which kept the IF high.

I think I will have to investigate a fourth fan :joy:



I had quite a hard 3 up paceline yesterday and part of me when I was asked wanted to see what RLGL would do and I went a wee bit harder (an IF of 0.80 for the 2hours including the 20mins solo either side). I originally had a 0.9IF SS session but it adapted to Harrah (an endurance workout with an IF of 0.65). Although I deliberately kept my front door shut and only used two fans so my hr drifted into tempo.


Sierra +5 last night. Had two tiny little 5 second rests but that was more a mental failure (again) rather than physical. Was a tough ride and I’m feeling it today, legs feel disconnected from my body.


Finished specialty, now picking workouts ad-hoc. Think I want to have a bit of fun for 6 weeks then get back into some base training in June. Yesterday TR AI wanted to downrate my FTP by a few watts. A few watts is stuff all, except when you’re crossing a milepost. Then it means a lot. I was almost offended. I objected, & today I belligerently loaded up the stretch sweetspot workout Galena (at my old FTP). Commuted gently to the track, extending the warmup by 20 minutes. Arrived at the track & the work got underway. End of the first interval I knew I had my work cut out for me. Stretched out in the break, gingerly started the second interval, took about a minute to reach the power target but got it done. Third interval just did what I had to. No pauses, no freewheeling or backpedalling, just a few times out of the saddle on the rise to shift load from glutes to quads. At about 43 seconds per lap I was definitely counting the laps down! Finished, feeling that curious combination of pumped & stuffed, extended the cooldown 40’ to get home. On the 10% pinch that commences the 2km climb to my house my legs gave me the finger but at least complied. Naturally I rated the workout as “very hard”, but I was surprised to then be presented struggle survey. It’s a stretch workout, of course it’s going to be “very hard” because of intensity! :person_shrugging:

It’s a long time since a 1½ hour workout wrecked me like that. The price of being stubborn I guess. :person_facepalming: :rofl:


So after 2 Days of the bike and 1 easy Z2 ride on Wednesday in my recovery week I already felt good again and decided to add a 5min Test to the Z2 ride on Thursday did 2 1 MInute openers a bit above what I would expect for the 5 Min. the 5 Min went pretty well set a Season best of 378W which is also my highest 5 min power Indoors which is normaly a bit lower then what I can do outside. So pretty happy with that. Not were I wanted to be but considering my bad Winter I’m really happy to be a bit ahead of were I was last year.


Horrible it was but I stuck it out! Anyone else?
One comment towards the end was something about hiding your pain on the outside and to smile. That worked for me.