What workout did you do today? (2021, part 2)

Bald Knob -2 was in my calendar today and with it supposed to be the warmest day in 2 months l took the workout out. Just my usual simple short route through the park shared cycle path to warm up (lol, the pedestrians and level crossing gates kill your average speed), then along Oundle Road out of Peterborough, halfway down Bullock Road and back on the same route.


Still hella hot here in the afternoons so I got out early as the sun was coming up. Scopi (Anaerobic) intervals on the ring road around the local muni 9-hole golf course. Hit all the targets which always feels good.

I was expecting my progression to go up, but I guess not.


Klawatti today. I let AT steer me from Elk Pond to Klawatti (same workout but 99% instead of 98%).

It was ok and deemed a success, though I didn’t quite nail it and was closer to the Elk Pond effort in the end anyway.


McAdie +1 - a set of 4 x 12min over-unders rated a stretch based on PL.

This felt great, as in, let’s do another interval! HR was firmly in sweet spot territory for the unders and never broke LTHR on the overs. Legs feel a little loaded but in a good way.

This is wk 2 of a DIY threshold progression, extensive phase, that I’m building based on PLs. My Threshold PL is rising but still seems off by a workout. This one was not really a stretch. Let’s see if the level matches my fitness more closely after the next workout. On the plus side, the PLs are helping me rein things in = fewer failed workouts.


On a roll. Making it routine to get out before the sun and AQI goes up to do a workout outside. Stikine this morning. Never felt stressed on this one, so I marked it as easy, and got a bump up for both sweet spot and tempo.


First workout in a few days. AT wanted to reduce things a few days ago but I declined. Steps interval 2 was feeling rough the last 4 minutes, thank goodness for the 5 minute recovery. Round 2, oooof! 10 second backpedal breaks on the steps downs of the final round. Not loading up but it just hurt and I mentally tapped out. Tomorrow is supposed to be something similar but I’ll see what TrainNow suggests or pick something endurancy.


Truchas -2 Sweetspot 5.4

Humid 28’c in the garage and still feeling fatigue in the legs so happy to get a good 25 minutes of sweetspot in… followed by severe tummy ache, suspicious it was the bottled water I was consuming during ride, so all in all happy to have done as much as I did.


I’m trying to sort out my plan for over Autumn/Winter and plan builder inserted yet another ramp test into my calendar. I couldn’t be bothered with that I’ll save my testing to off season and I’ll do a 8 or 20min tests and I have a TT coming up at the weekend. So I looked for something short but sharp that wouldn’t wear me out and I stumbled on the 45min Scott Peak; which I did in RGT with the workout on the Garmin. The various programs say it was about 70% and that’s sure how it feels and I could have done something longer but I had the weekend in mind. I’ll see at the weekend if it was the right choice :thinking:



I spent 3-ish weeks off the bike traveling, so now it’s time for the reckoning. Gotta go update all my apps with a new max heart rate :flushed:

(I’ll ramp on Monday and get my zones sorted, nobody panic. AT has been gradually dropping my levels, and I wanted to see how accurate it was. This one was the high side of Achievable, which I guess was technically correct?)


That seems like a pretty good testament to AT’s decay algorithm.

Down 18 watts and going into a nice long base phase, so I’m telling myself it totally doesn’t matter and really I should be happy it was only 18 watts after three weeks off the bike.


TR suggested that AT would work better for me on a Low Volume plan, rather than a MV plan with substituted rides most weekends. So today was my first work out with a LV plan, Geiger-1. Chad said to up the cadence in the 2nd block and tbh when he told me to drop it in the 3rd block it was doable but the other way round I would have struggled.

AT said beforehand the workout was PLs SS 2.9, now it’s done slightly above target its saying the PLs were just 2.8 :exploding_head:


‘Thunder’ was in my calendar tonight and I decided to do it in the virtual world. I spotted a new RGT course so decided to do it in that for a new bit of scenery. It was supposed to be a spinny session but this wasn’t the course for that but it was fun.


No workout today and probably not again until Thursday. Had a race over the weekend which I’m still sore from and a vax booster today which will probably make me silly tired.

But… I did a race!

Official bike split was 2:35:44. Spent a minute at the mount line fixing a dropped chain, front ring lever was bumped setting me in the wrong gear and I never checked it before the race. Wish TrainerRoad would pull only the bike segment out of a multisport .fit file to make things easier to look at. Some day, some day. :slight_smile: The course was beautiful and had some of the smoothest roads I’ve been on for a 70.3 race. 4mph wind and a little sun, the day was perfect.

BestBikeSplit estimated at 0.75 IF it would take about 2:45 to finish the bike. I may have gone a touch harder, but it didn’t really feel that way. Hoping this translates into a FTP bump come next test. :crossed_fingers:

Not as sore today compared to yesterday so I might do a Petit tomorrow just to not be a total bum.


Lone Pine-2 this evening on top of the outdoor short spin (hill effort) I did this morning was definitely a ‘stretch’ for me.

Really felt the burn in my legs and almost faltered at a couple of points. Hung on in there (just). Cadence dropped as HR went up across the four intervals

Threshold is hard. :crazy_face:


I didn’t want to do the recommended threshold workout. Went with VO2 max work instead. Strangely, I find threshold is harder than VO2 max.

I wonder if I can get faster only doing endurance, SS and VO2 max. I heard that too much SS might make me slow, but so long as I sprinkle in VO2 max, I am hoping I can keep growing.


I loaded weight for deadlifts, then deloaded and left.


Boarstone -2 and Klammspitze today and Tuesday for TB:

Two hours is long. I forgot how long two hours is.


Kennedy was in my calendar tonight. I was going to substitute it for yesterday’s chaingang but didn’t feel the chaingang was intense enough. Perhaps I should have when I got to the third under over block, the understanding were well under. When the session dropped down to 20mins tempo it felt like I hadn’t pushed hard enough in the 3rd block :neutral_face:


I was pleased to knock this one out and get my 33 PRs. I have struggled with stress and sleep this past week, failing workouts late in the day. Not a good way to lift the threshold progression into 60min TiZ. Turns out third time is the charm: only 1 backspin and almost no time above LTHR. :tada:

This is week 3 in the progression. Either I rest next week or do a little bit more. Legs feel a little loaded, but good.:thinking: