What workout did you do today? (2021, part 1)

Congratulations!!! That’s fantastic!


Thank you! This community is beyond helpful :slightly_smiling_face:

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Junction -1

Pretty brutal!

Two days after my covid-vaccination. Had to nudge the final set of microbursts down with 5%. But still delighted, given the fact that I was an overweight couch potato up until six months ago.

Can someone call the undertaker please?


Eyre +1:

It’s cold and rainy so I got through three episodes of Lucifer instead of making myself cold and wet. Drastically overestimated my hydration needs and had to stop and pee twice in the first hour, so probably for the best that I stayed inside :grimacing:


Certainly looks brutal but nothing pretty about it, chappeau :muscle:

Ramp test Monday after the commute, bumped up two percent from the previous 20 minute test estimate. Commute two days in a row, then Thursday commute right into saddle mountain. Felt good, but had commitments I couldn’t stretch the time, so I just bumped the “cool” down up to the tempo range for a bit. Friday commutes only, today Pavilion was hard, but other than intervals I started late, they all felt good.

I don’t know if I’ll get much in tomorrow as my #1 child has three soccer games, so if anything, I might try to spin a little bit early. Just shy of 8 hours is a pretty good week for me, but 9 even would be better. (yes, more is better in my experience).


Carson +4

That was enjoyable with the 2-minute rests to break up each longer set. AT nailed another one!


Meadow Valley:

Didn’t go outside today because the weather is miserable, so this was my replacement. I love the short sweet spot jobbers with the generous recoveries, they’re so chill.


Sunny Hay:

I’m continuing to compensate for actual weather with bright and shiny TR workout names. Lacked energy this morning but those ten-minute (!!!) recoveries had my back and I got it done after some stern words with the ol’ gams. (Remember when these were like seven minutes long and there were six of them and the recoveries were like three minutes? I do not miss old Sustained PB.)


Visited a friend over the weekend so no bikes for me. Decided to start this weeks training today.

Another O/U session. The time flew by with this one. If I had one complaint it would be that the rest intervals between sets are a touch too long.


30/20s this morning. That extra five seconds of rest makes all the difference. The time flew by on this one :+1:


Baxter -2 for me yesterday morning. Monday is normally a rest day but now moved it to a Wednesday to accommodate my emerging plan over the summer.

Group ride this evening which will feature a circa 45m effort at threshold and above.


I need to up my game a bit so I did a custom 30/15 wo. I did not get the hr response I expected, and I did have to notch it up a few points, but then go back down again.
Is 115% to low for vo2 efforts like this?
Should I extend the breaks from 2 min to 4?


Today was Berryessa. First workout since last week Thursday due to some GI issues followed by fatigue. Forgot what the planned workout was but it only had 5 of the same 20-sec intervals so I bumped it up above the level of Shasta. Felt pretty good, too! Still have an average power about 20w below the target during the sprints. Today I did discover that, even in ERG-mode, you need to keep the effort ON. Near the end of the workout I was managing to get down to a 10w deficit compared to the target average… even when adding 4% to the back half of the workout.

So far so good!


Clouds Rest +3 - indoor, rain was menacing (but didn’t happen in the end, should have gone outside instead…) Ran out of steam and time. Ditched the last set.


Phoenix +1

75 minutes at low sweet spot (85-90%). I was feeling a bit under the weather and dreading this one a little since I had never done anything close to this long without any rests. It wasn’t easy but AT nailed another one for me (week 2 of SSB).


Group ride with nice weather ! 40 min @ 90% = doing all the work in the front


Struggling to get back into it. Something happened 5 weeks ago… right after my Ramp, things went south… I tested negative for COVID and the GP said it might be just some other viral infection and give it a few weeks/months… :frowning:
But still just out of it… My RHR went from avg 47 to 53, tightness in the lungs and no stamina. I tried to keep it in zone 2 ever since but just not there be it mentally or physically. All my workouts, my HR is about 5 to 10 BPM higher than what it was last month for the same workout but strangely enough, my MHR also went up by 10 BPM… strange…

I did a double today and hope to slowly get back into things. Have a great workout everyone!


The bike shop is on day three of a “basic tune-up” scheduled a week and a half in advance and I’m feeling some kind of way about it, meanwhile I got the Crockett on the trainer and made a half-hearted attempt:


something is better than nothing! Last night I was mentally burned out from work/family/homeowner stress, and after 15 minutes of endurance work decided to reduce power and cut the ride short.

Hoping the bike shop finishes on day four!