What workout did you do today? (2020, part 2)

Bluebell monday:

Feeling amazing this morning :expressionless:
Maybe it’s the jungle in the pain cave (my wife is trying to reclaim the winter garden), maybe it’s what I ate over the weekend, but hey, who cares!
Even went as far as increasing slightly for the last set. Booya!


Did this suffer fest today. Worst workout I did in TR so far :nauseated_face:

A few weeks ago when I started the build plan and saw this workout in the final week, I said I would never be able to do it. Well, not only did I finish it, I did it without changing intensity and without breaks. Super proud of myself today :grin:


Today’s workout is tomorrow’s a day early… Plus a bit on the end…


Mount Field
Start of new plan today, SSBMV1. Skipped the ramp, decided to stick with my FTP and shifted all workouts back by two days, so today it’s Mount Field. This works out better for me as there is now an easy recovery ride on Sunday which I can skip if I have a busy weekend.

Legs were still aching from my weekend walk/hike of 29km, followed another part of the Monarchs way out of Bromsgrove. Nothing else to report, just lots of laps of the Volcano with Heart rate on the zone3/4 border. Rest day tomorrow then it’s some over/unders on Wednesday…


What kind of workout on the bike for the same day of weight training?

Whatever my coach gives me, sorry not trying to be evasive but I consider his workout assignments to be his intellectual property and I’m going to respect that (along with the fact my workouts have become quite personal based on goals/response/etc). Started in June with FasCat 10-week resistance plan, they have a podcast covering the workouts. edit - I’ll say this, Tuesday is a hard day and so Monday is all about chilling.


I’m doing this 10 week plan also. Although not mixing cycling and weights on same day. I’m on week 5 and enjoying the break from just cycling.


First failed workout of SSBMV2.
You know it’s not going to end well when you start to question why you’re doing it.
Oh well, at least it’s something to target next time round.


That’s a tough one, just been reading my notes from my last two attempts, June 2019 & June 2020.

I’m not looking forward to it when it comes back around again, thankfully it’s at least a couple of months away!


I just checked hoping Spencer +2 was a long ways off… but no, it’s next week, right after Leconte. I don’t remember SS base being this hard before! I hope I am not getting less tough!

Humane Jepson today:


Under that mess is Palisade, I swear.

Got beaten up this morning. After the first two intervals, I dropped the intensity down to 97% and that could have gone to 95% if I’m honest.

Looking through my workout history, I’ve managed to avoid this since 2018. I can now see why! :rofl:


For me I have found Week 5 of SSBMV2 tough, have to be mentally ready to crush it else the body wins the arguments.


Oh my gosh @AndyBaggott we’re basically twins:

Really felt like I was drowning from about 90 seconds on for all four of those, and lost the mental battle when my cadence started to drag. I might have been able to finish that interval but I really don’t think the whole thing was in the cards. I had some sort of stomach bug or food poisoning or something over the weekend, probably drained some fitness. Or maybe it just gave me an excuse, heh.

Still had half an hour and I felt like I could still do work, just not 3 minutes at 120%, so I scanned through the workout catalog and found Sleeping Beauty -5 to make up the training load for the day:

Honestly felt like a cakewalk after Spencer :rofl:


Kebab! I do love a good doner kebab.

I decided to give this a go this morning even though I was feeling pretty tired. It went well.

As a bonus my weight has measured 1.5kgs lower consistently for a few days now. Not that I’m trying to lose any but it’s nice to see my mid section returning to normal after the weird start to 2020.
I’ll take the extra w/kg for now.


I’m currently following a periodisation where I cram in work-outs one week to be home with sick(common cold) kids the next. Today I got to revisit this classic…


First day back at intensity. Admittedly not the easiest workout to kick things off with but felt like restarting Specialty was the right call based on my progression/goals. Knew it was going to be tough, and it definitely was, but actually kind of pleased with how far i got into it before back pedaling. Settled in during block 2 and felt pretty good. Block 3 was where things got rough. Really felt the last few minutes and decided to back pedal the recovering in hopes that would be enough to get me through. It wasn’t, or perhaps it was and my couple weeks of substantially reduced load softened me up a bit mentally. Judging by how my legs feel post-workout and how rapidly my HR plummeted during the back pedal I’m thinking it’s the latter. Either way I’ll figure that out over the next week or two.

Going to repeat this one next week before continuing the progression. Still planning to hit the +2 version as my “event” for this cycle.


Taylor - 2 from the SSB2 (Med) plan was the base for today’s session… Legs felt good so nudged the power up as the the session went on.

It feels really good to be back using structured training and the fitness is developing well.


75 mins SST, then into 6 days of recovery (slightly lower Z2, but max 2 hours per workout :partying_face: ). That got a bit unpleasant after about an hour, but not too bad overall.


Such a tough workout! I tried to visualise each interval as the last 3 minutes of a ramp test and replicate how hard I would push myself…zero FTP increase for me next week🤣 I’m sure there was some benefit.
Well done on the extra workout, I should be on a rest day today but think my guilty conscience will drive me to doing a steady hour later.


2x20 at 97%, woot! So in the previous weeks I could do 3 in a row of sweet spot training…I wonder if I can do the same for threshold! It’s only a few watts higher, so we will see.

Tomorrow will be 3x15 and Thursday 4x12, so the intervals will be less sustained time but progressively longer time in zone. If I nail it, then I’ll be ready for 2x25 this weekend!