What watches do you guys wear?

That flex. :slight_smile:

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I used to wear a Fitbit Surge for fitness and sleep, but since I switched to a chest monitor and the sleep feature was pointless, I’ve switched to these:

A Tag I received as a gift from my step dad (I basically wear this every day):

And this bad boy, pulled from a cereal box in 2004. Mostly as a joke:


Garmin Forerunner 745, I love it.

While I’ve gotten away from wearing a watch daily, it is usually a Vivoactive 4 which took over from a Garmin S20 golf watch. If I was to buy something a bit more capable, it would probably be a Garmin Instinct since I don’t really need all the features of a Fenix. For a while I was into replica watches and had some some pretty nice ones.


Went from Garmin Fenix 3HR to Apple Watch Cellular to Garmin 945. Always been a cyclist and recently (last 2-years) really got into running. The Fenix, like others have said, is pretty bomb-proof. The 3HR as a little big for me. The Apple Watch sucks for actual training of any type. Mainly b/c you cant use the screen with sweaty hands. I do however still use it on my runs, since it has cellular, I dont have to carry my phone.

I love my 945. Got a good deal on it. Most places say its a Fenix 6 with a plastic case. I’ll run my first Ultra with it this fall and 2 marathons after that. We’ll see how it goes! Cant go wrong with Garmin.

My original Forerunner 305 (which I purchased on the 14th September 2006!) final gave up working a year or so back so I approach Garmin for repair. They no longer repaired them but offered me 30% trade in. So as I’ve started running again I went for the Venu 2 this month, they gave me a £105 discount on returning the Forerunner305. Process took four working days from first enquiry to receiving my new watch!

Have also been using a 405 for a while but that’s now getting old and a pain to upload.

Love the way the Venu2 connects to either wifi or phone and just does its thing in the background and all the other nerdy data I can view.

Don’t throw away those old broken watches, they might be worth a decent trade in percentage!

Just a note. If you go Fenix, spend the money on the Sapphire glass. I had a Fenix 3 and scratched the screen badly. It drove me nuts considering how expensive it was. My Sapphire 6 is almost a year old with zero scratches.

Love the juxtaposition of showing a Rolex with a Toyota badge in the background :laughing:


No watch. Can’t stand anything on my wrist.


Never been into cars at all. Hoping to drive this 4Runner for the rest of my life. It frees up some resources for other hobbies, like watches and vehicles with 2 wheels


been rocking a Fenix 6X since it came out and best watch I have ever had. I am a garmin person through and through and while it much be $$$ I only take it off to charge it which is every 20 days if using as a watch or every 14 if doing gps activites with it.

Since buying a Fenix 5 about 3 years ago, I have rarely worn my traditional (mechanical) watches except on special or more formal occasions.

I wear the Fenix from the time I get up until I go to bed, but mainly to track steps, heart rate, and receive notifications. On the rare times I run and hike I’ll use it to track those activities, but I primarily use my Edge 830 for cycling. Battery typically lasts ~14 days for me with minimal activity tracking.

Haven’t found a valid reason for myself to jump to a Fenix 6, so I’ll hold out for the 7.

Fenix 5X Plus. Don’t see myself moving away from the Fenix line.

This for when I’m sweating.

This for when I’m not (unless I’m paying for a service)

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So, my Fitbit battery lasted all of 8 hours today… That combined with a COVID self isolation (track and trace) made me pull the trigger and buy a Fenix 6X Sapphire online, to be delivered on Saturday hopefully.

Thanks for all of your help and advice, it seems like a solid piece of kit which should hopefully last long enough to see my investment worthy!


In the same boat… My car is worth probably £1500 now, i.e., less than either of my main bikes by some way… I figure that meets the rule which says that the bikes on top of your car should be worth more than your car.

I like cars fine but especially since the pandemic I only use it once or twice a week, and it’s a lot of money for something that doesn’t really bring me joy like bikes, and watches to an extent - apart from the SKX I’ve got a Glycine Airman GMT, a Seagull 1963 chrono and some other stuff - the combined value of which is probably again more than my car!


Luv my PDs


Valjoux 7750 based chronographs - classic!

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