What watches do you guys wear?

Rolex Sea Dweller (as a cave diver it tracks my dive times nicely).



Venu (the original). Screen is scratched all over.
FR230 for running. Nothing beats old-school LCD for daytime screen visibility.
A rotation of “traditional” watches when I don’t want to look too nerdy.

Did I write something about not looking too nerdy?

I’m also a happy Vivoactive 4 user. Has worked super well. I think it’s also one of the smartest looking sports watches out there.

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Had the base Fenix 5. Upgraded to the F6 Pro and I really like it. I do trail ultra on top of my other stuff (mainly race MTB, but I do a lot of stuff). I do have a head unit (830), but sometimes I don’t want to use it so I just use my watch (I had the watch before the 830).

I work on HVACR systems at a factory, watch has handled it fine.

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Also this one, I just haven’t been wearing it because I would have to set it again (sort of pain to have two automatic watches in the rotation #firstworldproblems)


I only cycle (no running), so like you all my bike related data is already covered - in my case from either Garmin 530 (outside) or Tacx Neo (inside).

I recently opted for a Garmin Venu Sq and find it perfect for my requirements - steps, HR, sleep and so on, plus notifications from my phone.

I now have all my data in one place (Garmin Connect), whether it be outdoor or indoor ride, strength (tracked on the Venu) - which all also go to Strava, plus steps, HR, sleep and so on.


Daytona Panda! :partying_face:



Fenix 5S
I love being able to track activities anywhere I go. I never thought I’d be someone who cared about tracking step counts, getting messages, weather, etc. but it’s been absolutely delightful. I don’t know if I could ever switch back. I still use a regular Garmin head unit (1030) on my bike, but the watch is nice for a backup or record some of my short rides around town.

Prior to having the smart watch, I used a Casio G-Shock digital watch, and that is also a great tool.


Getting a driver’s license. Wedding day. Buying my first “real bike.” Getting “The Call” for this watch.

Life milestones :smiley:


I have an SKX007 and I absolutely love it, I wear it several times per week. The crown at 4 is super sleek but also very functional.


Using your sub or sea-dweller to actually dive is an uber-flex. I also have a sub, but it remains scratch-less under my shirt cuff at all times, super lame!! :joy:


Thanks for all of the replies so far!!

I am way too much of a data geek to wear a normal fancy watch, although they do look great!
Think i’ll try and eek a bit more life out of my Fitbit and then see if Garmin release the Fenix 7, which should hopefully cause a bit of a price drop on the Fenix 6.

I did manage to smash the bezel off on one cave dive in Yorkshire (UK), when I took it for repair the dealer said it was nice to see one being used in anger.
Also had to get a replacement bracelet as the mud in UK caves eventually wore away the retaining pin holes.

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I just got this on the Prime day deal, and love it. It replaced my aging fitbit. I don’t run, but do use it to track other outdoor activities such as hikes. The battery life is great - it lasts several days even with lots of GPS usage.
During the TR outage a few days ago, I was able to quickly pair the trainer and sensors, and use it to control and record my morning ride. (simple steady aerobic ride that day.)
The main use of my fitbit ended up being the silent (vibrating) alarms, and those are a lot easier to use and control on the Garmin.
I still have a lot to figure out on it, but so far I have been very happy with it.


I was doing the exact same thing, and the prime day (and some encouragement from my daughter who loves her FR745) got me to go with with Fenix 6. I did have some hesitation as I am likely buying it at near the end of the product cycle, but since it is ‘more watch than I need’ it will likely serve me well for years to come even if the 7 has some notable improvements. The current state of supply chains and IC chip availability also made me think that a Fenix 7 may be further out than would be normally expected. I won’t really know about how I feel about my gamble until the 7 comes out and we know what the changes are. Since the Prime day deal was really good I’m happy taking my chances, and I am enjoying the new watch.

Got a Fenix 6 Sapphire last Black Friday for a great Amazon price. Been very happy with it. I liked my Apple Watch. It was easier to use. But, the batter life is brutal, and it scratches easily with no bezel. My Fenix still has no scratches and battery life as I’ve configured it is 9 days. I prefer the way it looks too. It does have way more features than I’ll ever use, but I like having my watch and bike computer all working in the connect ecosystem and the Black Friday discount lowered the price enough to help me make the switch.

Tired of this rotation crap the image uploads do(!)


Yes to both. Only you can value it really.

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As per a few of the others, I jumped on the Amazon Prime day deal with the Fenix 6 Sapphire at $300 off. I had a Fenix 5 so had been holding out for a possible Fenix 7 announcement, but the deal pushed me over.

The Fenix 6 is definitely an upgrade. The optical HR is better and seems to be inline with my Scosche. I used to use a Whoop and was looking for something to do sleep tracking, and so far I’ve really liked the Fenix 6 tracker. I mainly pay attention to total sleep time and deep sleep, and it seems to track both really accurately. The Body Battery is ok, although it sure picked up when I spent 4 days at altitude in Leadville. Deep sleep time got destroyed at altitude and the Body Battery was about 11% after the first night…

I still use a Garmin headunit on my bikes, but in a pinch could use the watch. I also use it when I do Yoga, weight training, walking, etc to track hrTSS in Trainingpeaks. The mapping for hiking has worked well for me too.

Overall super pleased. I do like to wear a “real” watch at times, so there may be days the Fenix 6 is on one wrist and the real watch on another.

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