What sport watch(es) are cyclists wearing?

Hello, I am curious what sport watches other cyclists (primarily) are wearing?
I used to be training for triathlons so have a multi-sport watch (gps swimming is the main feature you needed to ensure your watch could do as if it did that it could do everything else you needed). However, I have chosen to now focus on cycling with maybe some light running (none right now but may run once a week when weather is nice in spring and summer) and home strength training (now during off season).
I use TR of course and have a wahoo head unit so my cycling is taken care of in terms of tracking.
As such I really don’t need to rely on a watch to track my activities anymore really with the exception to the above if possible. It seems like overkill and not the best use of money to spend on an expensive watch when I won’t use most of it’s features.
One must have feature is a silent vibrating alarm as that is what will get me up for my morning workouts without waking up my wife.
Are people using a fitbit, lower end garmin or polar, …?
I am not looking for an apple watch.
Thank you for any feedback.

I use a Garmin vivoactive 3 music and don’t feel that I’m missing out on much as only an occasional runner.

If it broke today I’d just buy the vivoactive 4.


Garmin Forerunner 745, only been out a month, like all recently released revision of pretty much everything a bit over priced for what it is but wow its good. Connects to my power meter, gives running dynamics (with HR strap, think it has Gyros in it), Garmin Pay, etc, Pluseox, on device music and streaming, and loads of features some if which I don’t really need. Probably the best electric device bar none I have owned, but like I said a bit over priced.

January I got a Fitbit Ionic and it is the worse electric device I have ever owned, I will never buy another Fitbit product again. Fitbit Pay doesn’t work (even though my bank registers the device and is one of the few banks its meant to work with), no workout options (just records activities), music player doesn’t work, Strava app doesn’t work, emails and message do not always synch, sleep tacker sometimes doesn’t even notice if you get up to go to the toilet, Steps doe not always synch to the fitbit app you get the picture. I will trade it in to replace my phone.

I spoke to someone about if they’d had issues, their response, ‘If i’d known you were buying one, I would have told you not to’ They binned theirs and got an Apple Watch.

My pet name for Fitbit is now Shitbit.


I have to keep it simple, Garmin Forerunner 45 ~ I don’t need it for the bike and use it for heart rate and for running. Works well enough and inexpensive.

Otherwise I’m wearing a Breitling or Festina.


Got a Forerunner 35 a few years ago with intention of wearing it just for running, and now wear it all the time (I never used to wear a watch constantly). Since spending more time on the bike, I pair it with an Edge 530 for HR during rides. My only gripe is that the HR measurement is a bit hit and miss sometimes, eg in gym sessions, though when I’m on the bike it’s fairly reliable.

Amazfit GTS here, cheap and cheerful!

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I just don’t wear a watch. Why do you need a watch?

OP Triathlons


Garmin Fenix here, specifically Fenix 5. Does all the things you ask.


Oh man. I read all that only to get to the bottom and see you don’t want the most popular solution. :joy:

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I also use a vivioactive (although mine is non music) and I don’t feel I am missing much either. I like having a non intrusive watch on my wrist. Perhaps if I was a triathlete/ swimmer / runner I might want something more but my head unit or TR pick up the stats I’m interested in :+1:

On that basis if it failed I’d replace with a vivioactive 3Music or 4.

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I only have experience and knowledge of the Garmin line-up but if you need it to record power on the bike then I think your only choices are the FR745, 945, MARQ, and Fenix. But if you don’t need that then it definitely opens up your options and lowers the potential price.

I have a vivoactive HR.
I got it before i reaaaaally got into cycling and was just a filthy casual.
It doesn’t do power. It doesn’t do open water swim (and does pool swim rather poorly).

But it does a lot, overall and for the money when i bought it at the time over 4-5 years ago, it was worth it.

Now if i were to have purchased something on prime day a few weeks ago it would be between the :
Garmin FR735xt
Garmin FR935

I would’ve probably gotten the FR935 as the FR735 is much older in the tooth, has less battery and less funcitons.

Without deals/good prices, i would’ve gone for the Coros Pace 2

If i had extra money to buy something, i’d get the Garmin FR745 , the FR945 comparatively only brings in maps and extra battery life to the table which i dont need on the day to day, or at least thats what i retained from DCrainmakers review.
If money was no concern at all i’d go for the Fenix series.

cheapest option: Coros Pace 2
Mid-high option: Garmin Forerunner 745
Fancy option: Garmin Fenix 6 series

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I’d like to get a smart watch that does HRV. Any thoughts on that? I don’t really want to get a Whoop or Oura ring at this time.

Garmin Fenix 6 Sapphire. Love it


Yeah, the vivoactive seems like it could be a good compromise over the 745 or the 945.

Thank you for the feedback on the fitbit as I have not heard that yet.

Thanks @Ultrawolf, since this whole covid thing I am not really wearing my non sports/smart watches much since we are working from home exclusively and not having meetings. I miss getting properly ready in the morning and choosing my timepiece for the day. I am rethinking my wardrobe and watch(es) if this will be closer to a new norm.

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Thanks @jeremybnz, I didn’t know the amazon watches were out yet. Looks like some good value potentially. I wonder how their sensors are? I will be looking up what I can find for reviews, thanks for sharing.

Thank you @PhilippePhlop, very good summary of choices. Corus could be a good value option
Thanks again,