What watches do you guys wear?

you will really enjoy it and so nice. Love mine and I will only sell it when the F7 comes out.

I had fitbit long time ago, the sleeping time and rest HR tracking is accurate comparing to Garmin, but the construction of the watch itself will not last long if you are very active. I am owning Forerunner 235, the sleep tracking and rest HR tracking is terrible…entirely not reliable I would say. But if you need a OK tracking device, it is great and also it last longer than fitbit. I also own Suunto long long time ago for hiking. It is a great watch back in the day, only issue is the compass failed after a while and could not be fixed unless you sent back to factory to get it repair.

Is anyone using a Garmin Venu SQ?

I got my wife a Venu on clearance before the Venu 2 came out and it’s really nice with the NFC, music, and health tracking. I particularly like the automatic tracking it does (apparently it just starts recording when she starts running by itself) which would be fantastic for counting my commute on the bike.

I prefer the look of the SQ, and while I don’t really need the music on the watch, having a payment method on me when out on rides without a need to bring my wallet is very appealing.

Can say the Venu2 will start automatically tracking walks and runs. The move IQ will sense what you are doing. They can be configured to do that after a certain time.

There isn’t the option there for cycling in that menu location though it will show on connect somewhere (maybe stress location) cycling sensed.
(keeps classing my motorbiking as cycling so glad it doesn’t auto record for me!)

I don’t believe it will auto start an activity recording for anything other than run/walk. Not sure with Venu SQ, something that’s worth investigating for you before buying.

NFC is great, in UK as so few main stream banks are suppprted I’ve got the Curve card but going to change to prepaid financial services card, Will ensure £50 is always topped up on the card for payments whilst out cycling!


I’ve had the Venu SQ for about a month now. I really like it. I was already immersed in Garmin ecosystem for my cycling, so it’s nice to have other activities and general health stuff in there as well. I don’t use the SQ for cycling (edge 520 does that job), but walks are automatically detected, recorded and uploaded by the SQ.

I can’t use the NFC payment option because my bank (one of the biggest in UKj hasn’t signed up to Garmin Pay yet, so maybe check out your own bank if that’s something that’s important to you. I’m sure I’ll have full functionality on that at some point but it’s still relatively early days for Garmin Pay compared to Apple and Google.


I love my Coros Pace 2. The charge lasts at least a week, even using GPS. The app is intuitive. I also use it as a cyclecomputer when I’m traveling. It is light and inexpensive.

Here’s an in-depth review:


I’m a +1 for this comment but I would add that for me personally I do not have any issues using the watch as a cycling computer on Garmin’s quickfit mount and I have 8 data screens on my main page. It’s definitely clearer on an Edge but if you want a watch that does everything exceptionally well then you cannot go past the 6X.

I’ll second this. I use the Venu 2. Indoors I have a Peloton, outdoors an Edge 1030. But I always track with the Venu 2, and then discard the data at the end of the ride. Why? Backup! This way if the Edge crashes (happened once) or dies because I forgot to charge it I still get most of my data for a ride (sans power meter). I also let the Venu 2 provide HR to the Edge since it’s “accurate enough for me.”

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I have a few watches that I wouldn’t dare use on the bike, but I pair them with the Vivosmart 4. It’s small, slim and has body battery/heart rate etc.

I don’t use it for recording any activities though. I use a bike computer for that.

It is old though, and I’ve been waiting for the replacement from Garmin to come out.

I’m super into watches and for cycling data rely most on my wahoo’s (roam and bolt), sometimes for running i’ll use my apple watch. I do however ride with a normal watch either automatic or quartz and even race with it. In particular dive watches with the bezel markers are nice because you can set a feed time, lap time or alike just to look at the dumb arrow pointing at where you want to be/feed/came through previous etc. Also why waist precious screen real estate on time when you can just have it on your wrist. My goto when racing is one of my Seiko divers (6309 or my tuna) super durable and big markers. I’ve ridden with nicer watches in my collection and have had close calls…one was my rolex GMT master (16710) came off (spring bar failure) while i was road riding on the road and almost got run over by a car. For MTB i try to use quartz watches. I am in the hunt for a Suunto but need to do some research.
shot racing with my Seiko 7549 Tuna…f’n love that watch


I have an Arnie (reissue) in my collection it’s both my favourite and zombie apocalypse watch. I love it.

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Apple Watch on the left, Whoop on the right.


I double arm it a lot too…the apple watches functionality can’t be beat and if you are out there and have the cell service its a back up incase things go bad. People comment on the double wrist sometimes but if you have time to explain yourself its not bad.

I don’t wear a watch while riding because it’s not comfortable (even my lightest gshock) and just not necessary since I have time on my Wahoo. Watch wise I own 3 G-Shocks and a dozen or so mechanicals/autos. This is my flavor for the week


great shot…watches are touch to shoot

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Citizen Brycen eco-drive, titanium. Looks like classic stainless, but all the benefits of titanium. Never needs to be charged. Just rattles a hair too much to wear while riding over and through pot-holes. So it gets left at home a lot when I’m commuting. I’ll eventually end up with a Garmin Fenix, but it might be series 8 or 9 before I commit to spending that kind of money.

Edited to add stock photo since anyone curious enough to care couldn’t find my version on their website anymore. In normal light, the face looks way less green and more midnight blue, but in bright light by the pool it does end up picking up a tinge of green as shown.


Couldn’t resist a chance for some watch geekery :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Sinn 104 “special edition” because of the red seconds hand lol


Weekend flavor


I do this when riding solo. Apple Watch fall detection give my wife (and me) some peace of mind.

Whoop and G-Shock when riding with others.

Instinct solar for me as I use my garmin 530 for cycling. Tracks all the measures I’m into, battery usually lasts me about 17days and still looks like a regular watch and gives me notifications. I do wish the rep counter on the strength setting was better but all in all it’s been good.