What types of medication can artificially affect heart rate variability?

I am wondering if anyone has information on studies or findings on the relationship between heart rate variability and various medications. I would love a deep dive from chad, but even just some links would be very helpful.
I am on a number of medications for bipolar disorder, obsessive-compulsive personality disorder, and a number of other things. I track my stats with a whoop band among other things. And sometimes I find what I think are strange trends in my heart rate variability I will have easy rides with a great night’s sleep and wake up with lower respiratory rate, lower resting heart rate, and all other indications of recovery and health, but will notice my heart rate variability drop. The converse is true as well. I would like to begin tracking exactly what I take with the trends in my data, but I have yet to begin that that’s why I am wondering if there are any studies out there that detail what types of medication can affect it, and in what way. if I’m going to all this trouble to train and monitor data not just through my band but everything including power data, I know how to interpret my own information day to day.
I would love any links feedback or information on this to help me get the most out of my body, training, and health in general
Cheers and thanks in advance!