What trainer to look for at a gym? BikeERG, Wattbike or something else?

Moved to Krakow, Poland, and I can’t use an indoor trainer where I live currently, so looking for good gym options as winter creeps closer.

Imagine finding a gym with a wattbike would be ideal, but a BikeERG could also work - or perhaps any old bike with resistance could do the trick?

Have you found it?

If you’re doing planned workouts, I dont think manually adjusting resistance on a spin bike is all that painful… it gives you something to do actually. I’d settle for a preferred gym ( WITH GOOD AIR FLOW ) with a spin bike with a PM.

Actually, temperate and convection > power meter > gym location > ERG . If you have room in your place and not too many stairs, a used spin bike should be cost effective.