What to do with race data? (.95 IF for 2 hours)

Someone will review and post, requires a TR login so off limits for me. That’s why I asked for a screenshot… TR analytics are a bit sparse but should be good enough for a quick review.

I can see that pag, even without subscription

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Ok so I tried and got this

Came back here and was logged out.

Logged back into forum. Tried again. Same happened including having to log into the forum again.


Maybe try using your old TR account

I’m not expert on racing but my take on this after seeing that data would be this:

Zone 0-3 @ 51.3%
Zone 4+5 @ 27%
Anaerobic @ 21.7%

For me this would show it to be a bit surgy. Your average power was 254W and NP282W - fairly close together, so you weren’t coasting then sprinting over and over but looking at the power chart there are a number of bursts over the 400W mark. So I wouldn’t be taking too much from it, other than you had a good day - maybe one of your best to date. Course looks like it was constant rolling hills, so I expect you would have been doing the same - trying to stay constant, bit of a surge up a hill to keep momentum and then coasting or off the gas a little on the other side.

That repeatability is a good thing and being able to keep it up for 2 hours is fantastic. I’m not sure of your actual max HR, but on the day is was 185 - so your average HR for the ride was 88% of max HR. Again, no expert, but this would suggest your in the correct bracket for SS for that 2 hours period - which seems about right for a race day fuelled by adrenaline and the excitement of racing.

Great job, regardless of what it all means. Staying at that intensity for that amount of time is no mean feat. Well done.


Wow great breakdown!

My Max hr is around 185 I would say. I was surprised to see my HR that consistent over the two hours as it does show I was comfortably uncomfortable :sweat_smile:

I’ve got a similar event next month but this time it’s 160km.

Appreciate everyone’s feedback and comments. :blush:

I think you nailed it. Comfortably uncomfortable - which is where you want to be I guess?

good luck with the 160km ride. I’ve got a 200km ride this weekend, not a race and I would be running IF0.95 :joy: but I am struggling to work out what I should be aiming for over 9 hours of ride time. Difficult to find any guidance on it.

Actually, just found this on Training Peaks


Based on this, it looks like you got it just about right TBH. Tough ask to keep it going for that amount of time, but you clearly took it seriously and went for it on the day

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A brevet?

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Couple thoughts…

It sounds like you’ve had Covid and a corresponding time off the bike since this race. Assuming that’s true this would just be a thought exercise, I don’t think you can extrapolate any meaningful data about your current fitness given the intervening illness and time off

That said, rolling in a tight paceline for two hours, which it sounds like you were doing, is how I’ve gotten my highest power numbers over extended periods of time. Mine were breakaways, not handicaps, but the effort type would be similar

I think 0.95 is high, but reasonable, for two hours in a race situation like this and would not have significantly adjusted my training based on that single day

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Yep. My first Audax… Cycling to and from as well, so will be around 225km in the end, and my longest ride.


Enjoy. For your first one and longest distance just aim to keep it comfortable and ahead of the overall time limit. There is no first or last place. You finish in time or you do not. No one cares where you finish and you shouldn’t either. You’ll fall in with others around your comfortable pace. Enjoy the conversations and scenery. You aren’t competing with them, you’re putting yourself against the challenge of the event.


The only actual race I’ve ever done is a sprint triathlon - and at my pace it wasn’t really a race for me. So I’ll have no trouble enjoying it for the ride.

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