What to do after getting dropped on group ride - z2, intervals,?

Recent thread about getting dropped on group rides has me wondering - what kind of riding is the most beneficial after you get dropped? I’ve been trying to ride z2 mostly, but not sure if there is a better way. I know it’s not z1 :slight_smile:

I ride in a weekly group ride that I get dropped most of the time. Probably considered an A or fast B group from talking to folks who ride other groups locally as well. I know best answer could be to find another group, but it’s with some buddies and a great group of 8-10 folks. I hang with for the start and can generally catch up after first climb. But rollers and 2nd climb do me in most of the time. Generally about 12-18 miles into a 25-30 mile loop and I’m done. I don’t mind getting dropped as I know I don’t have the w/kg
(249ish ftp at 87-90kg and 6ft) to keep up on the hills. I’m setting PRs most rides so I know I’m getting faster :slight_smile: And yes I know losing weight is a simple answer to help here, but man the kitchen has been kicking my ass and will power.

What’s the consensus on how to make the most of getting dropped?

It’s been a long time since I rode any sort of road ride, let alone a “drop ride” but by memory when I got launched out the arse of the races I did, I didn’t usually have much choice. It was more like when your car goes into “limp mode” :rofl:


VO2 and Threshold to catch up. :joy:

In all seriousness, I think it depends on what you’re training for, how fatigued you’re feeling at the moment, where you are in your training block, and a variety of other factors.

My “go to” is Sweet Spot if I’m feeling up to it, otherwise endurance.


Hah. Htfu……tried that many times.

Most of the time I’m ok feeling after getting dropped. Not wiped after a 5 minute breather, just not strong enough to hang on.

I’ve gotten a bit burnt out following a plan after 12-18 months so this summer was just planned to ride z2 and maybe some vo2 stuff. I don’t race and have no urge to so not too crazy of a plan with the hope to gain some fitness, but happy if I don’t lose anything. Picking up a plan in the fall again.

SweetSpot to Threshold…idea being that you are still riding at an effort that you would be keeping in the group.

So then next time when you do hang, you’ll be ready for what comes next!!!


Maybe try the new experimental Polarized plans? They might align better with what you plan for the summer anyway.

How long are these climbs on which you’re getting dropped? How are you currently pacing them?

Last nights strava segment for our first “climb” was 1.55 miles I did 6:30min which cut 45secs on my PR. And climb may be a misnomer as there was a small down hill in it. Overall I would say the climb portion was between 4-7%. Guys I rode with finished this section in 5:30min to 6:15min. I averaged 265w with a NP of 274w and I tried to do at or above threshold the whole time.

2nd ‘climb’ was 2.23 miles long just shy of 10 mins. I did this one solo as I cut out the middle climb of the loop last night so I still had some energy :slight_smile: Power here dropped below FTP, but still in threshold territory.


Pacing some of the climbs here is tougher as a bigger gut. Just to stay moving forward on some of them I need to be at vo2 for potions of it them and threshold for most of the climb. Otherwise I am spinning backwards on part of the hills.

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