What’s worse... difficult choices to be had

Just for a bit of fun, what are your hard choices?

Trying to decide what’s worse: riding with a power meter that drops out, so you know the numbers are under at the end of an effort OR riding with out a power meter?

Without for sure. I am pretty confident in riding to feel/HR and dropouts are just annoying, not to mention I’d be paying more attention to that than the actual workout. :sweat_smile:


Just like I’d rather not use a GPS vs one that takes me to the wrong place I’d rather not have a PM at all.


Practically or emotionally? Nothing throws me off mentally like misbehaving gear.

I’m gonna go on tilt and say bad data is worse than no data. :slight_smile:

In reality it depends on the severity. Couple drop outs here and there that barely affect overall stats is no big deal but if it’s randomly unreliable what’s the point?

From a meme account this am, another one to add. A heavier electronic groupset that goes beep boop vs a groupset who’s shifter cable keeps snapping?

Know I would take the weight penalty for the beep boop :joy: