What role does fatigue play?

What roles does fatigue play, if you have high fatigue, can you quantify % of performance which will suffer? Or it that a unknown? Going into yesterdays 63km h/cap RR, @82 fatigue, what role would that play in my performance? Maybe Chad or Jonathon could help?

What were your fitness and form figures?

Ahh I was going to put those in, 63 Fitness and -20 Form

Cheers. It’s impossible to take one of those alone and make comment. It’s the negative form number that’s important here. With that kind of profile I’d feel pretty fatigued and struggle to perform well.

These numbers are dependent on the person in question and the specific type of training they have been doing. If you’re going to use these numbers, then look at your performances in the past, training and/or racing. While you might be horrible at -20 Form, the next guy might always do races at -20 and not be horrible until -30. Again, very dependent on the person and type of training.

I also believe that some of it is mental, as in it all depends on what you think. You see -20 and immediately handicap yourself mentally. Look at your some pwr PRs and see what your Form was on those days. You might be surprised to find how many are w/negative Form.

Bottom line, look at the numbers for trends in your own performance. Don’t necessarily use the numbers to dictate your performance.

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