What receives higher weighting, post workout survey or power file when prescribing plan adaptations?

My curiousity is I have been doing some outside workouts (i.e. pushing the TR workout to my Garmin).
I complete the post workout survey.
When I do outside workouts I don’t do them exactly as prescribed due to the limitations of my terrain, traffic, …
For example I have cut a long recovery between intervals in half from 10 to 5 minutes.
My power is also sometimes not strictly following the target due to terrain (e.g. a downhill section or steep uphill and my power spikes).
So, I am curious, when I complete a workout outside, and I mark it as “moderate”, does the AI treat the workout is just being of moderate challenge for me?
Or, does it also then look at my power file and see that I am have been over, under, longer, shorter recoveries, … and weight that information with greater weight than me saying the workout was only “moderate” difficulty when deciding what adaptations if any it should do to future workouts?

As of now, TR does not really analyze the power for outside workouts in the same way it does for inside workouts on the TR app. All you get for outside workouts is the fact you “did the work” by completing the survey, and your related survey response.

That is supposed to all change once they release the Workout Levels Version 2.0 that has been in process for over a year. That is supposed to actually review and digest the workout, in addition to the survey response. At that time, I have no idea how they will be weighted.