What races ARE ON?

We have a cancelled race thread, but how about a “race still happening” thread? I’m looking specifically for XC MTB in the northeast [US], but anything goes. I apologize if this is a duplicate; I couldn’t find anything in a search. Thanks.

Northeast of where? This is a pretty international forum.

In the US, both UnPAved and Iron Cross are still on for the time being.

UnPAved: 120 mile gravel grinder in PA, will be doing TT style racing.

Iron Cross: 100k “cross” race with road, gravel, single track, and some hiking (one section). Also in PA.

If you meant Northeast as in Queensland, CQ is starting to sanction some races again. https://cycling.org.au/qld/2020-cycling-queensland-calendar

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I was thinking Northeast US. I apologize for being unclear and letting my American ego guide me :slight_smile:

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Did a race last Saterday in Amsterdam en tomorrow evening will be racing in the north of Limburg, both in the Netherlands.

Sorry, I know it’s not America

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Plan for some XC MTB in the east of England in a few weeks:

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Singletrack 6, September 7-12, 2021. Registration opened this morning. Coach @Jonathan has signed up!

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Short notice but there’s one in mn on the 15th at giants ridge.

Fist Full of Dirt Gravel Race

Bad Medicine Gravel Race

Dead Swede Gravel Race

I wouldnt post anything with a date more than two weeks ahead then(!)

Im just waiting for Ironman Barcelona to be cancelled. Been waiting six months so far…but strictly speaking, its still happening.

Just raced Rattling Creek XC MTB this weekend in PA.

Apparently French Creek XC is on in Sept / October I think.

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In Minnesota.

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I didnt have long left to wait :sweat_smile:

Barca is cancelled today.

That is promising news for me as a CX rider, hopefully be able to get a couple of races in this year.

It’s a shame MSG haven’t done Langdon Hills event for a couple of years as this is only a mile from my house.

I guess I spoke too soon as well. Iron Cross is canceled now.

UnPAved is still scheduled to race. Much reduced field and TT rolling start so hopefully it’s still a go. Since Iron Cross is canceled the following weekend, I’m hoping to go for the full 120 miles.