What plan for a week-long tour

I am planning a week-long tour totalling 950 km and 15000 m climbing next September.
Which of the current plans can I use.
And can I use the adaptive training program for that purpose.

A year and a half from now?

Do you have any intermediate goals or races?

The tour starts on September 4. 2021.

I have 2 Grand Fondos, the first on July 4. 2021 and the last on September 25. 2021. The results of the Grand Fondos are not very important for me.

“Ride your bike, ride your bike, ride your bike.”
Fausto Coppi

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Sounds like a perfect use for plan builder. Put all those races in, with your tour being a 7 day stage race as a ‘century’ or gran fondo race type. I think climbing road race accentuates too much many punch efforts, and you’re not going to do those in a week long tour. It’s more steady state.

Plug in the other races as B races, and see what it spits out.

I’d guess traditional or sweet spot base, sustained power build and century specialty.

And yes…once you put in your plans, the new AT will work with it…as soon as you get your invite.

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use plan builder and as your event is multi day, put your event in as a stage race - climbing road race

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A combination of progressively longer sweetspot intervals indoors combined with long endurance rides outdoors on the bike you’re planning to ride/race on would get you 95% of the way there.

Fully agree on Base/Sustained Power/Century for the TR plans. No need for the “attacking” type of stuff emphasised in the punchier build and speciality plans.

Also, make sure you do plenty of longer outdoor rides as time permits, substituting for the TR workouts as necessary. Plan in doing 3-days of longer outdoor rides on consecutive days, at least once or twice, to prepare your mind and body for how you’ll feel on your tour come that third day (and beyond) in the saddle, since many recreational cyclists are often only accustomed to riding two back-to-back days (ie. weekends).

Use the July Fondo as motivation to get started and stay on plan in the coming months, not leaving things too late to prepare for your main goal of the week’s tour, and also as an early suitability test of your equipment.

@PoulB where’s your tour taking you to?

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