What new workout you think needs to be developed

Not sure it’s been done already but I think TR aka @chad should make a recovery ride that include a variety of drills. Like form sprint, single leg, low cadence, etc… an all into one workout to substitute edurance or recover workout specially in a day where you can’t finish one his ridiculous hard workout day.

In a perfect world, having a mini plan to supplement within the base plan. Say adding 1 day of workout a week from 30min - 1hr solely to increase certain economy or neuromuscular in your leg. Easy drill spin not a workout. (In even more perfect world, there’s a YouTube video instructions we can watch to do this properly)

What else can you guys think of whether it’s a plan or a workout that should be added to the library!

You can make your own workouts, and make them exactly like you want.


one where @chad tells me to drink more beer


I did my first TR VO2 workout yesterday and after looking through the workout library was wondering why there’s no VO2 intervals longer than 3 minutes. I’d like to see longer intervals at higher intensity (e.g. 4min @120%).

Probably because 3-minutes is considered the max duration for the 120% of FTP power and still be considered V02 Max?

If you can do that much power for longer, I think your FTP value is likely too low.

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A cyclist can typically sustain 100% of VO2max [120% of FTP] for about 5 minutes. – Joe Friel

I just took a ramp test and have completed five subsequent workouts, my FTP feels “right”.

There’s so much data and research out there about what’s best etc that TR might not think there is enough fitness:recovery value going beyond 3min vs shorter intervals.

As you said, I can always create my own torturous workouts!

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There are numerous versions that have 4,5, or even 6 min vo2 max repetitions, most top out around 112% (check out the Denali, elephants, Mansfield, Musgrave, and Pisgah and Raymond series and adjust accordingly) but you can certainly adjust the intensity upwards. No need for new workouts being made, just adjust upwards as you feel is required.


It’s easy to make a workout, but not making the optimal workout. Specially if considering it to be a recovery ride with the power and rest needed in between each drills.

Say the duration of a single leg drill with different cadence variables, low cadence strength for certain power without hindering it being a recovery ride, sprint form even at granny gear spinning at 110 120 130+ cadence that’s atleast 200+ watts.

Chad 6 sprint workout that hes been tinkering to oblivions for such a simple workout hasn’t come out yet that I know of. I see that there’s other sprint workout in TR. Still wondering what’s the special sauce with this one!

I was going off Coggan info listing general duration for general power.

Either way, the res lots of workouts with intervals 4 minutes and longer, but they are at percentages lower that 120% (as mentioned above).

You can easily pick and run one of those, the increase workout Intensity to get you to 120%.

Or in the spirit of this topic, use the Workout Creator to clone ones adjust and publish it with exactly what you want. Super easy to do.

Things you almost never hear: “These VO2 intervals aren’t long enough.”


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Ha! I know right! I’m sure I “like” VO2 intervals only because they are relatively short and somewhat steady state. The long over-under intervals are much harder for me, mostly mentally, sometimes physically (that first 30 sec going from over to under is brutal).

I’m probably going to do that. My proposed Specialty plan isn’t really specialized enough (I have a weird A event), so I’ve got a few months to tinker with the Workout Creator to see what I can come up with. This is actually something some of us should be doing anyway, to learn more about what suits us best and how to use the TR product to its potential.


Your FTP isn’t always a good predictor of the length and intensity of VO2 max workouts that you can endure. Everyone is different. There are folks that can do 5x5 at 120% based on a properly set FTP. So you may just be one of those lucky ones that can do it.

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Mist +3, Matthes +2 and +3, South Twin +2 and +3, Shortoff +2 and +3, Monadnock +2, +3, +5, and +6, Old Rag +6, Dade +5, Mist +3, Matthes +2 and +3, Banner… They’re out there, @Captain_Doughnutman, just a little tough to find. But we’re working on that. :wink:


Lots of my rides are mtb rides in the mountains. So there are some long grinding climbs, some punchy climbs, and the the descents are techy and punching it out of corners over & over. Maybe something that works on all aspects of the needed physiological requirements to do this ?