What kind of training model does Gaimon follow?

Some of you guys must follow him and ben clued in on his training philosophy. I saw of his podcasts, with one recently showing he did 15,500 miles and an amazing amount of climbing in 2020.

Had a look at his Strava but couldn’t work out what his approach was.

He must have discussed it at some time?

AFAIK, Frank Overton of FasCat coaching is Phil’s coach. Frank has mentioned it on a couple of the FC podcasts, without going into too much detail. There may be more info out there, but I don’t know where to look.


I’m guessing the huge climbing numbers were partly because of his prep for the various Everesting attempts? As Chad said, he is coached by the Big Cat.


search “fascat podcast Phil Gaimon”

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Thanks guys, I’ll check that pod.

Interesting that Phil said in his chat with Ronan a few days ago that he got slower when training for his Everesting attempt.

Hinting at overtraining maybe?

He basically admitted that he was overtrained several weeks ago. I think he took one or two whole weeks off the bike as a result.

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In this collection of videos from his Youtube channel he covers what he did as a pro. See the World Tour Workouts playlist on his channnel.

“Slower” could just mean he sacrificed top end speed and power by focusing so much on optimising the W/kg he could put out for 8 hours?

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This is his coach’s most recent summary of his basic philosophy.

Yep, and Frank considers himself the inventor of sweet spot training.

Yeah, Phil’s also talked about how he’s gotten faster over the 10-20 minute range he needs for KOM hunting on Worst Retirement Ever at the expense of the endurance he had when he raced World Tour.