What is muscular endurance?

Why does every workout mention it?

Maybe I was too busy to read the text, but why is it so important?

Not sure how technical you want to get @chrismilk so here’s one way to think about it.

Muscular endurance is the type of endurance that you’re using in a fast moving peloton or on a steady climb (not a punchy climb or rollers, but long and steady).

It is a foundational type of fitness for a cyclist. The common (but not only) workout in the TR library to build muscular endurance is a workout build in the upper Tempo, “Sweet Spot”, or Threshold power zones.

If you were to slow down during a ride and maybe ride along at a level of effort that you could talk but you were still breathing rhythmically (Zone 2, endurance), you would be primary using aerobic endurance. Muscular endurance is kind of the intersection of aerobic endurance and muscular strength.

To use a metaphor: if FTP a bucket filled with water, muscular endurance is how far you can carry it while losing as little water from sloshing over the sides.


This is perfect!

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