Best head unit for trainerroad outdoor sessions

I’m looking to buy my first “real” head unit, with the primary aim of taking my trainerroad sessions outdoors. For now, all the other features are less important to me.

Which head unit has the best user interface for trainerroad?

Sounds like wahoo is a little better from Jonathon talking about it on the cast

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Got the Edge 1030 that im very satisfied with. Big display with alot of room for alot of info

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I love being able to start, stop and move around intervals on my wahoo super user friendly for outdoor rides

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Jonathan doing an outdoor workout recently on Edge 830. The Edge 530 (buttons) and 830 (touch screen) are basically the same. The 1030 is really nice. Wahoo is good too.

I’ve owned bot Garmin and Wahoo, ended up with the 530 as it had the best overall price/performance. Wahoo has easier setup via phone app, but the 530 features outclass the Wahoo.

It’s a set of trade offs no matter which you choose, can’t go wrong with either the Garmin 530/830/1030 or Wahoo Bolt/Roam.


He uses Garmin but he mentioned on a podcast that the wahoo is more user friendly because you can move around intervals to match your road.

I’m sure they’ll all get the job done though. I picked up a 520 cuz you just can’t beat the price

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Hmm, I don’t move intervals around inside on the trainer. Outside I find roads to match the interval work. :man_shrugging:

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For me, the answer has always been knowing if you’re the Apple type “it just works, I have all the basics and they’re easy to use, setup is a breeze” or the Samsung type “I’m willing to faff about a bit in order to have every possible option and be able to choose exactly what I want”. I’m a huge fan of the Apple/Wahoo style interface and simplicity, but I have friends who are the opposite and love the Samsung/Garmin model. The great thing is that we can choose!


The obvious two choices are Wahoo Elemnt Roam and Garmin’s 1030. I have a Bolt, and I think for interval training the screen is a tad too small to be ideal. I went with Wahoo, because like @Pbase I prefer Wahoo’s way of using and setting up the device. But in the end, both are good choices.

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I love my Edge 830. Had an 810 before which was also good but the new field options for workouts are unbelievable on the x30 units.

It’s a pretty good experience on a Wahoo Elemnt, can’t speak for Garmin devices unfortunately as I’ve not got one to compare.

I was also able to follow a route at the same time as following a workout. Not sure if this is possible on Garmin or not? I know Garmins didn’t used to be able to show Strava segments when following a route.

I’m happy with my Garmin Edge 530, it does the job well. Also, take a look here: . That said, I have no comparison to wahoo, they might work well also. Have fun!

I went through the same thing when I had to replace my Garmin. I ended up getting the 1030 and I’m glad I did, because of reasons other than the workout screen. The extra size is useful for other garmin IQ fields like wind field and the Xert fields.

So just saying, think of the overall use of it as well.

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I’ve never used a Garmin so take this for what it is. Did my first outside ride workout today on my Bolt and I couldn’t have been happier with the experience. Super easy to get the workout onto my Bolt. And then super easy to get the workout into TR.

Gave me the familiar TR interval screen that I have grown to love over the last few months. This is without any customization.



How did the route following work out? My first test of outdoor rides will (hopefully) be when we’re away next week and I hope to get out for a few hours, and won’t really know the route/ roads at all!

Turn by turn notifications just appeared at bottom of screen. I’d planned a route using and had chosen to load that route from the map screen as normal.
If I switched to map screen whilst riding I lost the led’s indicating workout zone but that might just be down to a setting.

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Wahoo something for sure. BOLT if you want something less expensive, roam if you want something with a larger and colorized display

Hey, here is a quick one for the developpers at Trainerroad. Honestly, I have refrained from buying a head unit for ages now and used my cell phone whith wahoo/strava apps. It has a great color display, GPS capability, bluetooth. a great processor and slim aerodynamic shape! what else could you ask for I ask?
One thing: for the workouts to be available for outdoor.
So lets keep the same app, have a ‘‘outdoor’’ mode which can enable GPS and VOILA!
hope this gets some attention.

PS. if this was be available, I would maintain my subscription year long, otherwise, I do turn it off during summer season… just saying :wink:


How did you get this display on the Wahoo? My one doesn’t give me anything like that just simply a countdown with target power and then dissapears

This is how my planned workout page is set up. I don’t remember making any changes to it - it only shows when a planned workout is loaded.

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