What has happened to "The science of getting faster"? No podcasts for 5 months now?

I was really enjoying the series of interviews with researchers and thought Sarah Laverty was doing a great job. Nice questioning and really informative with Sarah providing a good structure when they wandered off a bit. However, they seem to have stopped all of a sudden and now just be dropping short clips on Instagram that are refering to past interviews. What is going on? Has this been dropped now? Any ideas? Have I missed some announcement on the main podcast? @SarahLaverty

(It was a good replacement for Chad’s deep dives.)


I think this is a series without regular uploads.
Research takes time and sometimes more than expected…


+1 loving for Science of Getting Faster. I found it to be really good and have been hankering for some new ones!


Maybe the science plateaued?


Maybe Chad is coming back?


Saw several posts regard “zone2/fatmax training doesn’t provide adaptation” and I think this would be good fit for new episode. LSD/FatMax training lead the fad too long.

I mean Jonathan did just eat a bowl (ok, I might be exaggerating a bit) of baking soda in the name of science! :flushed:

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Yea, I miss that one too. That was a fun one to listen to. It had a lot more “common folk” talking about their success. Not that I don’t like listening to the pros, but they’re at a level I’ll never achieve, so the successful athlete podcast was often more relatable.

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…except they were almost weekly or at least every 2-3 weeks… then nothing.

Suggests to me that perhaps they have ditched them, which would be a shame.

How many listens on avg ?

Maybe the views weren’t worth the production

Lukas nailed it. Science of Getting Faster will have more episodes, but it will be occasional, not regular. We believe this format of speaking directly to researchers is underutilized, and going straight to the source can make for a really cool, insightful conversation.

That said, it’s quite complex in terms of resource dedication compared to our other content efforts, and it doesn’t deliver the same ROI as others, so we simply shift most of our effort to where it has the most impact. We’re a bootstrapped company without a big marketing budget, so we have to be disciplined in all we do.

In terms of resource dedication, yes, it takes a lot of research on our end, but we don’t mind that and we’re quite efficient at that. Surprisingly, the tougher part is #1 finding researchers that are willing to discuss their research in this format #2 finding researchers who are able to communicate their research well, including discussion about shortcomings in their studies #3 Coordinating with their schedules and managing their recording infrastructure.

For now, Sarah’s focus is on creating video content that explains research that makes us faster, and next week you’ll have a special AACC episode where Sarah and I discuss a handful of studies we’ve been looking into recently.

If you haven’t subscribed to our YouTube channel, followed us on Instagram, or TikTok, you really should. You’ll get a lot of fantastic, science-based content there.

But again, I want to reiterate there will be future episodes of SOGF, just not regular ones.


I thought the video directly speaking about baking soda was a great format. It was short and to the point, I could stay focused on the material and gave me information I could use. Also it worked perfect as I watched while on a recovery interval.

Would like to see video like that on salt loading.


@Jonathan is The Successful Athlete DOA? It’s been a few years since the last episode. I always enjoyed them!

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Thanks Jonathan, good to hear they will continue, occasionally. I am sure you understand teh big gap seemed to suggest they had been dropped.

In the meantime I’ll listen to “Inside Exercise” and “Fast Talk” which seem to fill the gap.

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