Intensity feature request. Chad, Nate, et al

I was noodling around with Zwift a bit last night and noticed you can adjust your FTP (or at least the interval intensity) by +/- 10% on a task bar located on the bottom left hand side of the working screen with just a mouse click.

Can we add this or similar feature in to TR?

If you wanted to get REAL technical, could we link a Heart Rate Variability app to TR and automatically make intensity increases or reductions based on morning HRV scores?

Cheers :slight_smile:

This already is built into the app. You can change the intensity of the workout dynamically once you are in the workout - either for the entire workout or just for the first few intervals if you need a bit longer to warm up.


I prefer how TR does it over Zwift since I like to micromanage the shifts in intensity by 1% rather than 5 or 10% It’s a good feature for days you feel great or like poop

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Zwift is actually adjusting by 1% increments as well (10% mentioned above is incorrect).

The irony in this suggestion is that TR has had this tool for a long time. Then Zwift implemented it and did a poor job, IMHO.

Zwift does have a limitation of 10% max change in either direction, which I dislike. I don’t need it often, but the TR Intensity adjuster has no limits and is novel when needed.

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Here is the support file that shows how to use the adjustment.


I asked the same question in the reddit forum a while back. I’ve been using HRV for the past 6 weeks. One of the challenges I have found is that how to accurately interpret HRV is not always clear. Sometimes I feel different than what HRV suggests. At the “extremes” on each end of feeling fresh and feeling fatigued, it does pretty well. But in the middle, my experience so far is that a it’s inconclusive.

If others have a similar experience with challenges interpreting the HRV scores, then it would be difficult for TR to programmatically incorporate HRV to guide training intensity.

That said, a “starter” feature might be to allow the ability to input HRV, and show HRV vs TSS and vs performance (TBD the right measure of performance) over time. Even seeing those correlations - without necessarily being prescriptive about upcoming workouts - would be helpful.


That’s awesome, a feature that could be promoted more. Is there a list of all shortcuts/features available? I feel like I have it all sorted then read through the forum and always learn something new! :star::star::star::star::star: TR!!!

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I highly recommend spending some time looking at the topics in the help section.
Some good stuff there that people should really see.


Oh shit thanks Chad! For some reason I always thought that slider on the bottom left was SCREEN ZOOM or similar.

Cheers mate