What does "use cadence only" option does in TR app?

I use Elite Direto and Quarq Dzero powemeter. (with smartphone setup)
As powermeter option, there is “use cadence only” option available.

Could anyone tell me what this option does?
If it is ON, does it affect to powermatch function?

When turned “ON” it ignores the power from your power meter, and only uses the cadence data. Power Data will be pulled from another device that you have paired (possibly a trainer or another power meter).

So, yes, when the Cadence Only is in use, that effectively eliminates Power Match (unless you have a 2nd power meter in use).

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If it’s on, it disables the power match function and reads cadence only from your power meter. Power will read from your smart trainer (or any other power source you have paired) instead.

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Thanks guys!

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