What do your recovery WEEKS look like?

  • Starting with a copy/paste on my comment that may have been a related spark to this new topic:

I just finished the last work week in Mid Vol of phase 2. Feeling good overall but wondering what people think about one detail. They have apparently really dropped the time & TSS for the recovery weeks. It seems they now run the Recovery weeks about 1/4 the TSS of the Work weeks, in contrast to roughly 1/2 per the older versions of their plans.

After doing the first recovery week after phase 1 and heading into phase 2 I felt good and nailed all the work weeks. Felt great overall and never had any “Very Hard” rated workouts. I pretty much followed AT directly with a few swaps for the Sunday workouts to what I know works for me (3hr 7+ WL). This mixes in my AIFTPD value that feels about right per the Threshold workouts, so I think that is close enough to right, but had to mention it at least.

Just curious about this lower recovery week strategy since they had used the 1/2 level for as long as I can remember. Anyone else experience the new plans or have thoughts?

I have the 2nd hard workout of the first week in the 3rd part of my Base and may have an update tomorrow. TR gave me 2 Breakthrough workouts which I am second guessing as I head into tonight’s over/under :stuck_out_tongue: