What do you use to run TrainerRoad? (Platform / Device)

Samsung S8

  • it reads ant+ and bluetooth

Tacx vortex

  • in erg mode
  • connected on ANT+

Wahoo HRM

  • well… you know what it does
  • connect on ANT+

Then i chromecast my netflix from phone to TV
or, i get my music going on my old wired headphones from my phone or get fancy and unse my aftershockz if i’ve connected nothing else on bluetooth

is Trainerroad working on Lineages OS?

i’m willing to have a Pi4 with LineageOS to use that on my tv :slight_smile:

Been using my Android, bottom of the line model. But I record everything on my Garmin and upload that (haven’t been uploading the phone/app stuff). But I was given an older Samsung that has built in Ant+ so I am going to try and see if that runs better than my phone. At least I can switch apps on my phone that way without crashing TR (since it won’t be runnning TR).

Yep, I’ve had no troubles at all.

Good luck!

do you use a phone with lineages os or the Pi ?

I used an old phone, and can’t remember the cpu architecture. Sorry.

I dont use the TR app, just the website. I mark all my workouts as Outdoor and push them to my Wahoo. Then, indoor or outdoor, I do the workouts solely with the Wahoo bike computer. Works flawlessly and I anyway always switched off the in-app comments, so I am not missing anything so far.

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iPhone 11 via WiFi, Wahoo Tckr and Cadence with Tacx trainer

Google Pixel 2 XL. Have a wahoo kickr corefor resistance, garmin vector pedals (single sided power for now) for power match, and a wahoo tickr heart rate strap.

I used to use the PC app, but it was a hassle to pipe it over to my TV and demotivated me to get on the bike. Now I use mobile and can be ready in minutes and put whatever I want on my TV to pass the time.

Spin bike + Garmin Vector. Android Phone mostly. Alternates with PC. Of course a tv-set and speakers to keep me motivated :slight_smile:


Old windows 8 laptop

I did run TR on my old Windows 10 laptop (was the older Windows prior to a update). I’m running RGT on it mostly now so now I run TR on my Kindle.

I used to use my iPad but I wanted to run zwift alongside so I bought an M1 Mac Mini. Its quite impressive that it can run TrainerRoad and zwift both under emulation and not even break a sweat. Trainer is a Tacx Neo.

Sorry to revive an old thread

My old Ipad is starting to fail, I have used it as a dedicated TR player for a few years, and I like this setup. I am looking to replace it with another tablet, but don’t really want to spring for a new Ipad (mainly cost) as a dedicated player.

Any good suggestions for a tablet that is a good balance of cost/decent quality? Decent size screen, I could use my phone but I do like a slightly larger screen. It doesn’t need to many features as it would continue to be dedicated to TR.

A basic 10.2" iPad is going for under $300 and runs TR and Zwift brilliantly. I can’t see what would be better honestly. You can get some cheaper android tablets, but it will probably have inferior hardware and compatibility issues are always a risk.


Perfect - thanks I just wanted to see if there was anything I was overlooking but I ultimately agree

Even less expensive – get a used version of any iPad (or the Mini) that will be supported by the upcoming iPadOS 16 update. I use an old Mini that used must be less than $100. TR (thankfully) requires very minimal specs, so any of them will do. List of old devices supported by the new OS: iPadOS 16 Preview - Apple (AU)

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