What do you carry on an MTB ride

Following on from the recent podcast, I always take a roll of fixomull.
Fellow Aussies will know this as an adhesive wound tape that stretches leghtways but not transversely. Very good for taping up abrasions and even deep wounds.
I’m a surgeon - so I know about wounds!

In terms of First Aid Kit, not much. Really just stuff to deal with blisters, cuts and abrasions. I’ve got a metre or so of Gorilla tape wrapped around my pump that can be used over the top of the sterile stuff to hold things together. I’ve also got a non-medical sewing kit that could be used in an emergency :flushed: Once you get to broken bones, concussion, etc. then unless you are in a dangerous situation it’s mostly palliative care until the professionals arrive.

Edit: warm/protective clothing or gear for both the casualty and possibly bystanders - you get cold remarkably quickly. /Edit

Knowledge and improvisation are probably just as much use as taking kit. If I was a guide or had responsibility for others then I’d have much more.

These conversations tend to fall into arguments between those who try to cover every possibility and also try to apply ICU levels of cleanliness to everything and those who wing it (or are more pragmatic depending on your point of view).

In grad school, used to ride with a bunch of ER docs. On longer trips in the back country one carried morphine, suture kit and material for making splints. He was an experienced rock climber and mountain backcountry person who definitely knew how to provide emergency aid. Great guy to have along in your group.

For me… kit in the car and not much in the pack. Keep soap and extra water in the car for cleanup. BandAid antiseptic wash can be helpful. QuickClot, used once in decades of riding. Have some diabetic netting to keep gauze pads in place on arms and legs. Nicer than wrapping yourself in duct tape : - ]

If a crash is bad enough I’m cleaning up, popping some tylenol and heading to the ER.


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