What do I wear to drive to my gravel race?

Hello all. I’ll be participating in my first ride/race of any sort. It is about 1.5 hours away from home. While I feel silly for not knowing what makes the most sense, I was wondering if people wear their kit/bibs to drive to their races. I’m not certain they’ll be anywhere to change at the start so just looking for an idea of what people do in these situations. Thanks!

Wear regualr clothes. Being a towel and change underneath the towel wrapped around you! Do NOT drive an hour and a half in your kit!


To add to what aydraper said, Orange Mud makes a ‘transition wrap’ which is basically a towel / seat cover for this purpose.


Adding on: same advice for the drive home - change out of your used kit as soon as possible


Thank you all!

I wear my kit driving TO the race, regular clothes on my way back home.

Changing at the venue before the start of the race doesn’t make much sense to me. I don’t see the benefit, and it’s a hassle that has the potential for something to go wrong, like forgetting a piece of clothing, finding out your jersey zipper broke in the wash, or running out of time if finding parking takes longer than expected.


Yep. I always drive to the race fully kitted up. One less thing to worry about when you get there.


Don’t really see the problem in driving to your event in your kit. Kit is clean, you are clean and during the drive you’re probably not sweating.

Driving 1,5h back in your sweaty kit is something you wouldn’t want to do.

Also bring some baby wipes to clean yourself up if there isn’t a possibility to shower.


Depending on the distance i will wear my kit under normal clothes, or change in the truck when I get there.

Really depends on if I want to poop one last time :man_shrugging:t3:

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Bibshorts on, but straps down (tucked into jeans/jogging pants somehow). Makes going the toilet much easier. Undershirt on, then normal layers of clothes on top. At the race, pick number up and pin on jersey, then get dressed properly.

If you don’t want to drive in kit, but are unsure about changing in the car park, maybe you can stop somewhere close by before and get changed?


As I like to get one hassle out of the way, I wear my kit out with some light clothes on top so I’m ready quickly to ride but take underwear and wipes with me for after when the kit is now dirty and sweaty.

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I drive in bib shorts sans lube to a race, and 90 minutes is likely pushing it. Anything longer and I would stay closer to the event if possible.

Shoes, and top layers go on at the race in the car park. Lube up after all that. Wet wipes and a (second towel) towel is handy.

Definitely after the race de-kit. From my trail running days and (iffy) weather, I take with/use my Dryrobe if a towel is not around here o change under/in. Hanging loose while robes takes some getting used to.

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Wear shoes that can be trashed. You’re likely to be parking in a recently mowed field, mud, etc. I know they’re not cool, but I have a pair of crocs for this. When I get home, I can just hit them with the hose. Bring an extra towel to place under you for the drive home for the same reason. Even if you change clothes, you may want it under your thighs/calves. Include a bag for dirty kit and shoes. Also, bring sunscreen.

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I lay a beach towel across my lap and change in the car. All you have to do is get your bibs on under the towel without exposing yourself then you can get out and deal with your Jersey et al.

You certainly can drive there in your kit but as others have said you’re definitely not going to want to drive home in your kit so come up with a changing routine that will work for you.

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I’ll usually wear my bibs to a race under regular shorts / sweats (straps down) and then throw my top(s) on once I get there.

But that is for convenience sake more than anything…been racing bikes long enough that I have zero issue dropping trou anywhere to change. :rofl:


I have a small launtry basket velco’d to the back seat in my car to get all my crap off when Im done riding. Its nice because Im not fumbling through the trunk to find anything. It all goes in there, and then to the laundry when I get home. For an hours drive there, I wouldnt mind having at least bibs on under my clothes. Im a mega sweaty dude, especially this time of year, so ive gatta get it off asap after the ride for the drive home.

If you do need to drive home in your kit, theres a company that makes a “impermeable towel”…I guess is the best way to describe it". It hooks onto your headrest so it doesnt slide down. Keeps your seats clean. I think it was Dakine but I havnt looked in a while

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A fake mullet, cutoff flannel, a sweet temporary barbwire tatt, and custom bibs that say “BEER ME.”

…oh, you meant TO the race. :person_shrugging::person_shrugging:


I’ll wear clean bibs to the race, if I’m not sure about the changing situation at the venue. If the drive is more than about 60 min, I’ll leave early enough to ensure changing time. I’ve discovered that the chamois that’s essential on the bike is a liability in the car seat, and an hour is about the limit before my rear starts to complain.

Definitely get out of the kit for the ride home. I bring clothes towels and baby wipes. If it’s a muddy day, extra towels that I don’t care about staining.

Then there’s this: https://www.squatchco.com/ It looks interesting, but could be problematic if you’re parked in the middle of the sea of cars instead of the edge.


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Chamois time is training time. Not really, I wear a kit to ride my bike. The moment I’m done, it comes off. That holds true for a clean and dry kit too. Not sure how comfy your bike kits are but driving an hour in mine, nope. Part of the ritual: shoes, socks, shorts, jersey, gloves, glasses, helmet… get a gear bag and a changing towel.


Thanks everyone for the informative replies!