What can you do if you hit lap key by accident?

I do my outdoor rides with my Fenix6 as my head unit. On occasion accidentally hit the lap key (instead of pausing at an intersection or scrolling through pages). Other than being more careful, is there any remedy to get me back to the interval I was on?

I’m not sure about the Fenix (or my Garmin tbh) but I heard on a TR podcast that you can now restart an interval now. Before you had to repeatedly press lap until you get to the end of the WO, restart the workout and press lap a few times more until you get back to where you were; a right faff :neutral_face:

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For the intersections, can’t you just set auto-pause, then you won’t need to touch it

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Thanks, good point. Sometimes I toggle other buttons to see different things than what my main screen shows me. I know it sounds lame but it’s happened a couple of times. The watch is small as a head unit, so sometimes even stabilizing it to push a left side button causes me to hit the right side (lap) button. Thanks again!

Oh that’s great, I will look for that! Thank you.

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On the Garmin bike computers you can restart previous interval.