What cadence during workout

what cadence should I maintain during the workout

Whatever is natural


As above ^^^^ but often the notes give suggestions as to cadence too.

I have been doing workouts in the 10-12 week FTP Builder.
Today I decided to impose my own cadence by making myself hold 100 RPM for several of the segments.
A big yes, since i am experiencing it right now https://enrgifitness.com/reasons-for-fitness-failures/. Even thou initially it will fatique out due to heavy workout, but it will gain momentum & surely will feel the difference. You tend to grave higher than your partner. I use to quit too early before her , but now scenario has changed a lot.

For most people the typically recommended cadences on a road bike are 85–95 rpm. Your personal preference could lie outside of that window. Mine is 100ish rpm on the flats, but I heard that many triathletes prefer a lower cadence of about 85 rpm. Very often the preferred cadence also depends on the power output.

However, if you are doing mountain biking, you’ll often have to deal with much lower cadences and in general, it is advisable that you train yourself to be able to pedal 60–120 rpm. So what I’d like to do is do some high/low cadence drills during endurance intervals. This way you don’t stress your muscles too much, but still train your body to work at these unusual cadences. And sometimes I slightly vary the cadence during harder intervals to break up a longer, difficult interval into smaller pieces.

And use the range that you’d use outside… If you know what that is. :grin:

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