What brand of maltodextrin do you use in your homemade sports drink?

Agreed! Mike’s Mix tapioca maltodextrin is the best I’ve tried. I use it to make a 1:1 maltodextrin:fructose gel with pectin, and Mike’s Mix dissolves so much better at high concentrations than the other matlodextrin brands I’ve tried.

Wow! I just looked and Mike’s is almost twice the price of the one I use.

I use unflavored maltodextrin from truenutrition.com and will add it to powdered Gatorade for long rides. They’re local to me so I pick it up to save on shipping.

I didn’t do any price shopping or anything, to be honest, and I can’t find any information to indicate any strong differentiators between them (does the source really matter? Do they tend to have different polymer lengths? No idea.). I’ll probably try a cheaper brand next time, but at a pound per month this will have to be a long-running experiment. :laughing:

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It’s not cheap, but I think the Mike’s stuff is worth it for me because the maltodextrin dissolves so easily. In my mind, I’m already saving a ton of money by going homemade rather than packaged sports nutrition products - I’d rather have the nice ingredients in my homemade drink and still save money over buying sports drink than cut corners on the homemade drink ingredients

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I am on 3rd NOW 8 lb carbo gain from Amazon that someone else linked above. No complaints - works great even mixed up shortly before a ride. Highly recommend.

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I’m on my 3rd 8 pound bag of Mike’s Mix Tapioca Maltodextrin. I chose Mike’s because it’s tapioca-based and not corn-based like most of the other brands. Corn-based stuff sometimes causes gastro issues for me. I’ve had zero issues with Mike’s so I’d recommend it.